pictures from the surface of another planet

If this doesn’t amaze you in some way you suck. the spirit martian lander/rover is sending back the highest resolution pictures ever taken of the surface of another planter. They’re in colour folks.

NASA seems to be publishing them in a few different ways, but the best seems to be this chronologically arranged list of everything that they get.

Lookit that. It’s another damned planet.

mcmurdo mars panorama

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[…] However exciting, I don’t think space exploration is at all practical. No matter how smart MC Hawking may be, any earth worth leaving is unlikely to be able to support the evacuation of any but a tiny elite of humans. Frankly, I think the world, the universe, myself, and anyone statistically likely to be descended from me are all almost completely unlikely to benefit in any material way from space exploration. It’s nice and all, but not for the cost, and particularly not if it affects the budget of NASA’s useful projects. […]

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