a summer in numbers

I’ve been busy talking to crewbosses and fellow planters, putting together the coming summer’s planting season. It’s looking good: a couple of good companies, a couple of good crewbosses, recent comrades, old comrades. This is probably the last hurrah for huge the planter. It should be worthy.

I dug up my planting records from last year, trying to figure out some dates and times. On an old whim I plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet. Here are the prime numbers from my planting season of 2003:

total days worked: 51. (42 with ELF, the last 9 with Lloyd’s)
number of trees planted:
pine: 33150
spruce: 50307
fir: 720 (aw, idn’t it cute?)
total: 84177

I don’t think I have my old records, but I roughly estimate my grand total at somewhere between 300 000 and 350 000 individual unique vegetative souls unleashed into the scarred earth over the four summers I’ve worked that damn job.

Here’s hoping I don’t hit half a million. I look forward to the act of falling short of that mark. Dirty hands.

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