December 31st, 1969

Someone or something has been sending me empty messages from the past. So far I have received three of these emails, each dated 12/31/1969 (7:00pm). They have no contents. They originate from a couple of different servers,,, which have no significance of which I am aware. I assume this is a glitch either in my email client or my mail server.

What else could it be? Perhaps another attempt by spammers to get past increasingly effective statistical-based spam filters by composing their spam in a non-spammy looking way. This would be the ultimate example: having no content, the bayesian spam filter that my Mozilla email client uses would not be able to “learn” that these messages are spam – as far as I know it assigns a spam value to words or phrases, but isn’t designed to assign such value to silence. If that’s the case, then this is also an extreme example of the trade-off that such spammers pay. The more un-spam-like their messages are, the more difficult it is for them to actually sell you something (for example, I recently received spam that started off “Unemployment among Blacks is about 25 percent, largely due to immigrant Latinos taking over jobs previously held by our Black citizens”). This avant garde spammer is able to reach me all right, but unless there is a psychic vibe attached to these emails that I am failing to receive, then they have a content problem. This is possible mind you, I am notoriously insensitive to psychic vibes. If there is anyone who would like to give these things a probe, let me know and I will forward them to you.

Why are they all coming from December 31st, 1969? At 7:00pm? Some googling has revealed that on new year’s eve of ’69, The Grateful Dead played a set at the Boston Tea Party in Boston MA. They started with “China Cat Sunflower” before segueing into (surprise!) “jam”. I’m not sure if they were on stage at 7:00, probably not. If anyone is sending me psychic emails, it could well be Jerry Garcia, but I don’t know why he would want to. Maybe that’s what he was doing pre-show. I also learned that “Congo-Brazzaville” became the People’s Republic of Congo (why didn’t they wait till the 1st?), and that “I Want You Back” from the Jackson 5 was the number one song on the WMCA playlists. More interestingly, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My head”, by B.J. Thomas, was #3. Maybe it’s a sign I should watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid again. It’s a good movie.

Also, I found out that Google has a built in calculator. 21 divided by 31 divided by 1969 is 0.000196595619.

Finally, I found out that “day 1” for UNIX was (is?) January 1, 1970, aka the beginning of the UNIX “epoch”. Consequently, if you enter “0” in the time stamp of a UNIX-processed file, you get January 31st, 1969. Why 7:00pm? Is that midnight GMT? Why not 6:59 then? It also turns out that due to the limitations of the way time is stored in UNIX – as a quantity of non-leap-year seconds contained in a finite (32 bit) integer, the end of the Epoch will come exactly on 03:14:07 Tuesday, January 19, 2038. Something to look forward to.

I kind of figured that this would be a case of the real answer not being as exciting as the false possibilities. Some people don’t want to know what causes the northern lights. Maybe. Epochs are pretty cool, but admittedly not as cool as Jerry Garcia’s psychic powers. People who don’t want to know about the northern lights however, are soft core. Coronal ejection masses are one of the wildest, coolest things in the world (the larger, Earth-inclusive world), the fact that the earth has a magnetic field streaming out behind us in the solar winds like the mixpoint of two currents in a river is amazing, and our ability to watch these two enormous cosmic phenomenon entangle and sparkle over our heads is a powerful kick to the brain, and muy beautiful in all it’s realities.


on various of websites i’ve seen many things dated as: ‘december 31st, 1969.’ like last login’s or when things were created. like websites that are only a few years old will have blogs dated from, ‘december 31st, 1969.’ for example;
it’s a little strange…

Receiving private messages to my account with no sender and no message but dated December 31st 1969. It is no longer there although I did not delete it. Bizarre.

On my cell phone I recieved a call from an unknown caller …dated December 31, 1969 at 7:00 P.M.
The Strange thing is that I never check the dates and time of somthing I am going to delete.
What is the phenomenon?

Tonight my Mac shutdown on me (I think because the battery on my laptop died), and when I plugged it in and started it back up the date/time was set to: 7:00PM December 31st 1969. Thought it was sort of strange.

This is really weird, I just got the same message empty in my email so I looked up the date, what’s happening???

For some reason it says I got the email at december 31st 1969 at 4 p.m. does anyone else think this really means something?

I was checking to see if I had a signal on my phone and noticed the date was December 31st. The only different thing was that the time was 05:31 PM. This was around midnight and lasted only a couple of minutes, then the date and time went back to normal.

2 blank texts, no number, only dates

1st sent from 12.31.1969 @ 4:59 pm. Actually sent 04.25.09 @ 2:30pm

2nd sent from 09.04.2012 @ 5:14 pm.

I’ll let yall know if anything significant happens in about 4 1/2 years. 😉

hi today i received a empty message dated dec 31, 1969 at 6:59 pm what does this means????

I have been getting constant blank texts in the past 2 weeks. the first 2 were dated Dec. 31st 1969 but at 4:59 pm. the other ones are from sept. 4th 2012 at various times….

Today I got the same blank text dec 31s 1969 & sep 4th 2012. WTF?
As if that’s. Of weird enoung when I recieved the first blank text I disregarded it and erased it then a few hours later I got another blank text, this one had the PREVIOUS blank text included! That’s his I know about both dates!!

ive recived 2 msges one dated dec 31st 1969 18:59
and other sep 4th 2012 23:21 whata hell is that
and its an iphone now some stupid phone

Hey everyone I can compare. Like 6 months ago when I had my razor 2 phone, I received two blank texts from 1969. Then I got a notice on my phone about having 100 voicemails. I reported to tmobile but they didn’t know what to tell me. There was a small stream of red on my screen like it was crying. My screen wasn’t cracked or anything it went away though.(eventually I got a new one.

Recently though, over the course of the past 6 days, I received 8 blank texts again. On my iPhone. 6 were dated: December 31, 1969 5:59pm and the other 2 September 4,2012 11:15pm. I am very interested in knowing more about this. Also, this morning I received a forwarded email from someone in my address book. The message didn’t have any content just a date. The date was 12/31/69. This is no coincidence I believe. This happened to me on two different phones and my email for the first time.

I recieved an SMS no sender though…all that was in it was Dec. 31, 1969 05:59PM and then directly below it was September 4, 2012 11:10 PM. I also have an iphone. Maybe Apple is having issues??

I don’t know about the iphone, but I have a G1 with tmobile service, and found a blank email last night that was empty except for the date, which was 12/31/1969 at 7pm. It was never officially received as email, and cannot be found anywhere now. I highly suspect it is some sort of weird spammer thing…possibly a way to get messages and perhaps viruses through without being detected. The 2012 date was news to me. It is more entertaining to think of it as some apocalyptic cult message, as spam is much less scintillating.

I had the same date come up.
I was,just for fun checking the daily horoscope on my yahoo homepage.
It was early Sunday morning May 31. So it still showed the previous days reading.
I clicked the “next day” link. And december 31 1969 came up. But blank.

The same thing just happened to me on yahoo!

i was checking my horoscope and i clicked next day and this date came up.
so weird. wonder if its some kind of server/cell phone virus. hmmmm..

I have an iPhone and I got a blank message dated 12/31/1969 at 6:59pm also 2 more dated sept 12 2012 at 10:08pm an 11:19 pm that is weird

I to have these blank texts.
1 from dec 31 1969 at 4:59pm and 4 from sept 4 2012 at 5:18pm, 7:14pm (2 texts from that time) and 9:19pm.
The spammer thing seems most likely, but surely after about 6 months of this and obviously quite a few people getting these blank texts someone would be able to come up with an answer. Well untill someone does I’m going to lap up the “I’m the chosen one” story with all my friends 😉

I too have these blank texts.
6 from Dec 31, 1969 5:59 PM, 3 from Sep 4, 2012 9:18PM and 1 from Sep 5, 2012 12:15AM.
Wonder what this may be? Could some one be texting us from the past and future? lol…

I just had my Razor 2 phone with T-MObile come up with a date of12/31/1969. 7:00 pm. It stayed with that date and the time changing with the minutes regularly untill I turned it off and back on. When I had an incoming call, it registered the time as 7:10 pm, 12/31/1969.

my brother’s ipod today read december 31, 1969 (7:00pm). we thought it was very strange and had no clue that others were having this problem. what’s wrong?

this is really wierd shit blank text same stuff dec 31 1969 700 pm and how many poeple has this happened to is it a sign

lol end of the world only us sevive see you all in 2012 except i have not receved mine invite yet to 2012 hahaa

Well I have a side kick lx and I already receive this mssg twice and today was the second time the first time this happened I just ignored it but I actually did some research this time and I got shocked when I realize what was goin on with this date I’ve thought I was he only 1 with this mssg but now I c all this ppl getn this most of them are wednesday dec. 31 1969 at 7p.m. But mines was xactly at 4p.m. And it was also blank I also did some reaserch on sep 4 2012 and sept 5 a guy in mexico had said before this was the day the mayans calendar ended meaning the end of the world and the massacer was gona star 4m around 5pm of sept 4 till 1 pm of the next day of 2012
so mayb it does means something to me it seem pretty clear its a mssg that has a deep
meaning to it
idk this year on newyears eve will b eaxactly 40 years 4m this date and 4m the fist date till the second its exactly 42 year 9 months and 4 days with and not everybody gets this message so mayb is tryna tell us something
I still dont have an answer for this but im sure its not a technological error
Oh and remeber if you don’t think it makes sence bcuz the differences of time on this dates keep in mind the egyptians mayans aztecs and indus ect. have a diferent timing!

Recently I dropped my iPod Touch in the pool ( oopsies ) All works fine, except for the fact that I need a new battery, because it won’t turn on unless it’s on my iHome charger (The only thing powerful enough to sustain it’s ravenous hunger)

The one other, and only other problem, is that everytime I turn it on it starts at December 31st, 1969 at 7pm. Annoying, strange, mysterious, but mostly annoying. Really wish you guys knew why.

Maybe the original post is a bit muddled, but to be clear: I’m pretty sure that particular date keeps coming up because of the last reason I mentioned. UNIX timestamps are a common way to store information about time in a programming environment, and “0” in the UNIX timestamp format is equal to December 31, 1969 at 7:00 P.M in the Gregorian calendar format.

I still don’t know why exactly they picked that time to start 0, that part is still a mystery to me. But any program or hardware that stores time that way and gets its memory state wiped can interpret the resulting 0 as that oddball time.

Theres some more info on wikipedia:

But I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying everyone’s mystification, which is comparable to my own before I figured it out.

I had an older sidekick slide and received a picture message dated dec. 31 1969. I don’t recall the time. Im not sure if this is a virus but my sim card was fried shortly after. And then a few months later I got a new sidekick lx and I just got the same message. I opened it and it was blank. I deleted it right away. I don’t know what to think of it.

I have an iPhone, and I’ve received similar messages. I dont remember the exact dates I received the messages, but I have two messages that say they were received Dec. 31, 1969 at 4:59 pm; two messages that say they were received Sep. 4, 2012 at 5:18 pm; two messages that say they were received Sep 4, 2012 at 6:14 pm; and one message that says it was received Sep 4, 2012 at 8:16 pm.

Hugh, I read that wikipedia article, and although it might explain the 1969 messages, there is still no explanation for the 2012 messages. the article includes links to the ‘year 2000 problem’ ‘2007’ ‘2038’ and the ‘year 10,000 problem’ but it makes no mention of a year 2012 problem. which means the messages from 2012 seemingly have nothing to do with Unix code.

Hello, I was recording a voice note last night after 1:30 in the morning. When I went back to listen to it, the recording gave me an error code. I came out of it, and went back in to try to pull it up and it wasn’t there. So, I came back out of my media folder on my cellphone (blackberry curve), but when I went back into it to listen to another voice recording that I left on my phone a couple of weeks prior, I saw a voice note that was dated dec. 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm that lasted 4min 06 sec…I tried to open it and it said that the playlist contains no valid songs…and today when I went to tell a friend about it, another one popped up…what the h3ll is going on? where is my song that I recorded?

That is so crazy…when I turned my phone on this morning I had a picture message dated Dec. 31, 1969 at 4pm. No sender to it, I was creeped out for a while. But knowing im not the only person this happened to makes me feel better.

Its so creepy im really glad im not the only one..I got a picture message dated wed december 31 1969 at 7pm with no freaked me out…but im glad its happened to other people too lol

i got a picture text too. i can not deleate it. all it says is “wed, 31 Dec 1969 16:00:00 -0800
when i click on it it says “receiving message” but i never get nothing i have sidekick slide tmobile


just got this trippy ass message. im glad im not the only one 😐 it was a day after my dad passed away and he went to vietnam in dec, 1969. so it kinda weirded me out

I received a picture message on my sidekick 08 with no to, from, or subject. Date: wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00. I realize it is the start of epoch digital time but why would I get an empty picture message from the start of epoch?

seriously, my friend has a sidekick 08 too and hers says Wed, Dec. 31, 1969 17:00:00 -0700 If epoch or unix or whatever the hell it is is at 7pm why are the pic messages saying 5am?? And why Pic messages instead of sms? it doesnt make any sense

Just a few minutes ago I was text messaging my friend on my BlackBerry Pearl and one of my replies was dated December 31, 1969 4pm. And then when my friend replied to my text, the date was normal again. So weird.


I’m Denis, From Montevideo, Uruguay.

3 days ago I recived this sms into my RockerE8. It says nothing,
only “From: Anonymous
Sent: 21:59 31/12/1969”

I just googled it and found this topic :O
So…what does this means in the end? It is not an e-mail
in my case, but a text messege to my cellular phone, and,
if it means something, I live in Uruguay. So, this problem
is wordwide? What’s going on? Is it a computer virus? Aliens?
The sun’s and earth’s magetic field interfiering with our tecs?
Goverments experimentin’ with something and a misteak led to this leak?
Or what? :O
This is strange

Remember the lottery from that one movie for people to survive? Maybe this is it 😛
(I don’t actually know if take it as a joke or not) Why couldn’t be “SOMETHING” like it..?

Got a text on my phone dated Dec 31 1969

People, ok. Now I got another one last night to my cellphone again…

“From: Anonymous”
Sent: 0:00 30/11/1999

There’s something I want to ask you all.

First, where are you each one from?
Second, are any of you in the “way of life”? You might know what I mean.

I don’t know why this dates, or why all this is happening. Is not a virus,
is not good, it is not bad…doesn’t even have a messege…But the only thing
this phenomenom achived is one thing…

It made all of us conecting to each other trough here. We, who are
different people from different countries…maybe we have something
in comon’ besides getting this messeges.

My msn is

Take care! If technicians can’t get this sorted of…maybe we can

Just the other day when I was getting ready for work I checked the time on my motorola and it was at 12/31/1969 4:01pm. Initaially all I was thinking is “shit, im late for work!” then I realized that its not 1969… Took a pic of it with my girls phone cause I couldnt understand what was going on and even after reading all of this its still kinda strange. No empty texts or e-mails though, just the time glitch… weird.

I was texting recently and one of my messages showed up with this date / time in the stream. It was so weird and well, here I am.

Sooo, I’ve been reading all this, and wanted to leave some feedback. I too received a message on my T-Mobile Sidekick this morning (January 6th, 2009), dated December 31st, 1969 at 7PM. I had just turned my phone off, and back on, which is when i received this message. HOWEVER, on new years year 2009, i received another text message, dated December 16th, 2019 and it came from an 859 number, which i didn’t save it and i can’t remember what the entire number was, but i do remember the number started off 859-???-?C???. There was a letter C between the last 4 digits of the number. totally wack, and i’m sure the logical explanation is Techical issues, but i’m really curious what others have found and received. i’ll keep this site for curiosity. take care.

I actually keep getting a messaged I was going to send but deleted attached to incoming messages. It is dated Dec. 31, 1969 7:00pm. Weird! lol

I wrote a text message to my sister Gia today (feb-9-2010 @3:00pm) around 6:00pm I saw the text in my sent box, but to my other sister Jen. I didn’t noticed the time it was sent at first. I just thought I sent the text to the wrong sis) SO i wrote her to apologize fore the random text… She said she didnt get it, so I went to my sent folder again… .it was dated 12-31-1969 @ 7pm. Must be the Unix thing right? I dont get how some of you are getting the 2012 ones though, is it BS?

All the facebook mobile notes are dated December 31st, 1969 at 7:00 pm. I don’t understand!! The comments are deleted too!!

I am here from a facebook issue. the same one jenna has i suspect. but it didnt actuallly happen to me. a girl commmented on a note i was tagged in. 3 other ppl commented on it before her. her comment said that she just wanted to point out the facebook messed up and the last 3 comments were all dated 12-31-1969 @ 7 pm. me being me decided to goolge this and came here. as well as some other websites. like others before me i understand the 12-31-1969 as being the unix date or whatever. but why 2012? at various times. that doesnt make sense.

I was checking my comments from my blog post on Facebook. The comments on my mobile are replaced with the date and time 4:00pm December 31, 1969? Still following what is happening.

yesterday on my verizon motorola q i went on facebook and i had a notification i went to it and was going to read the comment i recieved but nothing was there except 3 dates all ” 7:00pm December 31st 1969″ . curious i refrshed the page….same thing. went back a few mins later…same so i took a picture as proof i wasnt going nuts and googled the date and found this page…. its very interesting it has to be some sort of glitch that automaticly puts that dte there if it cant read it or something but haha so glad it wasnt just me thinkin i was crazy with that past date ! and the 2012 one…weird !

Lol I did the same thing cause all my comments say december 31st 1969 4.00pm and I was so confused but curious
So what do I do?
Like everyone else… I googled it lol

Allow me to join the club. All my comments had that date, googles, and here I am too 😛 Thanks for the info!


Ite phew thank god I’m not insane lmao… I saw this on my fb bout ten minutes ago under my notifactions for a poem I wrote for a girl that passed away…. I was like o_O. Lol I was thinking something happened on that day or something.. good to know I’m not the only one haha.

Hmm…I have found my way here by of course googling the same info as above. I was texting last night and was typing on my blackberry. I saved a message did not want to send it yet…well when I went back to it the date said of course SENT Dec.31 st 1969 at 7pm. I too thought I was crazy, then googled and found that I am not alone.

I checked my Email and the same date popped up Wednesday, Dec 31st, 1969…kind of spooked me…and today it’s happened a few more times, but when I refresh the page I can no longer find that message..Strange

Interesting… I just googled that date and time too, because it was being displayed as the current date and time on an older computer, after the machine was rebooted when the power shut off for a moment.

i just googled the date and found this page. it just happened to me a few minutes ago. i was on CDE ( and i had clicked to go to a member’s blog, when it took me to a blog that was dated, “December 31st, 1969 – ” but was empty. there was no user’s name where it should say, “*user*’s blog” it just had “‘s blog”. i clicked on the blank before the ‘s’ and it took me to my own profile.
seems creepy =D

It showed up on my Verizon Moto Droid under my email…crazy…like the twilight zone! ! LOL 12-31-69

It just happened to me. Kept trying to load the new message on my iphone that google kept saying I had. When it loaded the date stamp was, December 31, 1969, no sender, no content. Few minutes later said 2000 then disappeared. However, mine comes on the heels of a time travel dream just a few nights ago which left me obssessed with how to do it. I’ve been scratching out crazy theories, talking to myself for days trying to solve it. I even wrote an email to Dr. Ron Mallet who is the physicist currently working on time travel using lasers. Also just saw Close Encounters again for the first time in years. Those of you who have seen it may get a chill by remembering the obssessed few people who all drew the same picture of the mountain where the aliens were going to land…..I’m just sayin…

Well I guess I am now part of an exclusive club along with the rest of you. A friend and I were texting back and forth and the last two messages he sent me I replied to one of them and the time is wrong at which I sent it and it came back to me as coming from his phone and the date was Dec 31, 1969 7:00:00 PM, Another weird thing is also that I cannot delete them out of my phone, it’s like they are burned into the memory of my blackberry. STRANGE !!!

Yeah after restarting my phone i went to my pic messages and had the same thing as becky, a 0 kb file no name, no subject, sent to me december 31st 1969, really creepy getting that at 2 a.m.

one of my twitter apps on my phone was acting strange and stopped loading my timeline. One tweet finally loaded up and it said “false” there was no user name. The date said December 31, 1969. My phone is a palm pre plus.

Tonight I was sending a message from my Blackberry Curve to a friend and after I deleted it, the message game back up on my phone dated Dec 31, 1969 at 7:00 PM… after reading all of the posts, I think there must be something to it.

I received a text today said ANONYMOUS multimedia message from 12/31/69 it wouldn’t open , couldn’t foward it an it disappeared after a lil while . I’m in New York an its 9/25/10 an it appeared on my HTC Droid incredible. This is the second time this happened to me , it happened like a month ago also. Seems this is happening around the world to many an for a few years .. where is this coming from , is someone trying to contact me from the past ? although message just showed /69 not /1969 could it be from 12/31/2069 ?

I’m having this 12/31/69 problem too only that I was looking online 4 my horoscope & it kept on showing my horoscope for that date…ahh so creeped

I as well received this phantom email. After staring at it for a while, I closed my email and brought it back up. The date had changed to 12/31/2000. And I can’t delete it! It’s so strange!

I’m sure there is a logical reason for it, but it’s a little unnerving to think this has been happening since 2009 and no one can figure out why. It’s safe to say I’m officially creeped out. I’m just glad I haven’t gotten a text from 2012. I don’t know if I could handle it, haha.

Same thing happened to me last night @ 2:04 am & 2:05 am.

2 different blank messages received after trying to text my friend…
both with no message content.

Date: “December 31, 1969” @ exactly “7:00:00PM”

I was extremely freaked out – still am… & would really like to understand this!??

Wow, I posted first time long ago, and many coments after mine were made. Seems the problem even gotten to facebook, twitter and stuff. It might have something to do with the sun, yeah the sun. Check the solar activite scheduled and happening right now from milenia ago, for, and to this date, and more year forward. Who knows. Better not keeping the phone with you when you don’t have though, after all is starts cancer so, that a good one for a first reason!

Anyway, something REALLY odd happened to me. I was like any other day, and had a LONG time without this 69′ dates messeges issue. So I was like…”hey that never happend again! And I swear it didn’t take longer than 1 minute when it came again -_- JUST the moment I rememberd it. I don’t have the midnless clue what this could be about. I don’t even know right now. / on Facebook

I get 2 empty emails every week dated 12/31/69 om my Droid. If I do nothing, they just disappear, but come back again in a week. Been happening for a couple months now.

i got a bb pearl and im trying to deleted my music on my micro sd card and loaded up some new songs the thing is that that songs doesnt appear on my bb the song that appear are the ones i deleted from the sd card so kept on tring to delete them from the cellphone it self but i cant i dont no why i checked the properties of the songs i deleted and in the properties says last modified: dec 31,1969 21:00.

I received a weather alert on my bb bold on 11/16/10 at 7:00pm….the date it states i received the message was dec 31, 1969 7:00pm. Very strange and a little freaky if you ask me.

I received a text from my daughter that was dated december 31 1969. When I opened it it said ‘file sent with a picture’ and there’s no option to open it. But it has weird things on there but no way to open or delete. I received it at 10:07 PM yesturday. And I have a blackberry curve. This shit is really weird.

I am so glad to see other people having this happen! It just started on my phone (Sprint HTC) and EVERY email I open is at first dated Dec.31, 1969 at 7 p.m. Wish someone could make some sense of this!

I got the same date: 12/31/1969, but I’m getting the time 4:00:00 PM.

o.o; odd, isn’t it?

I have not been texting my husband at all tonight but he just received a blank blank text from my new LG Razor with Sprint dated 12/31/69.

Odd glitch

I just received an email on my verizon LG, like the others on here – no name, no message, just Dec 31, 1969, 7:00 p.m. I only got it on my phone, not on my computer the time the email came in keeps up with the present time. Also, for the last few days I have not been able to send texts. I can receive them, but can’t send. Can’t find anything about this on Snopes.

mine was the razor phone aswel , except my blank msg on my cell phone was dated 31-dec-2019 at 23:00 …. weird ayee . and it was from an 089 number :/ i tried calling it back , but the operator said it was an invalid number …

I have also received this message several times…it is 12/31/1969 @7pm
Definitely creeped me out each time.It seems to appear each week and disappears on it’s own. So glad to see I’m not alone .

I’ve gotten two blank emails dated December 31st 1969 7pm.I’m interested in finding out what is happening does anybody know?

I’ve got something strange along the lines of this as well. My Iphone just won’t let me update it or back it up. The problem it is having is that a strange previous backup keeps coming up in the “previous backups” you see on the devices page in preferences. It reads “Unknown 12/31/2000 7:00 PM” and when you scroll over it, it says “Serial Number 00000000000.” I can see how all this stuff is creepy and all, but all I want is for my iphone to update. Oh, I forgot to say, every time I delete it, IT COMES BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN. I’m really aggravated.

I received a picture message with no contents from no sender dated december 31 1969 7pm.. So creepy..

Relax people, it’s not paranormal. Fact is that message headers can be malformed during router transversal. As the data packets travel, a header can become corrupt, making it or portions of it unreadable for the receiving machine. Hugh is essentially correct.
What happens is the format becomes unreadable, so the receiving machine will interpret the value or ‘0’, which will revert to a default date of Dec 31,1969.
As of the post having future emails from Sept 4, 2012. Same thing pretty much applies.
These problems typically indicate a node failure somewhere within the network (between you and the sender/receiver). Eventually it will be fixed .. but like everything electronic .. it’s bound to fail .. so expect interesting things .. 🙂 Just wait 20 years ..

Ok, so can a malfunction persist for more than 2 weeks in a row? I have an iphone and have my yahoo email synced to my phone. For the past 2 weeks I have gotten at least 6 (no sender, no subject) emails everyday, all dated dec. 31, 1969. I tried to delete them but they don’t erase. Also, I logged into my yahoo email account on my dell computer and these emails do not appear in my inbox at all. They only appear as emails on my iphone. Very strange and creepy. Idk if it’s a unix code, virus, or sign but I can’t get them to stop. I also get strange calls on my cellphone. The number that calls me is 111111111…and sometimes 0000000…I have never heard of this happening before or had it happen until recently. Wish I knew what was going on or knew how to make it stop.

If I leave my ipod alone for a couple of days and get back on it the date changes to “December 31st 1969” but it says 5:00 pm

This morning when I woke up at 7am all my emails on my verizon droid cell phone were dated Dec. 31, 1969. However minutes later when I checked my emails on my phone the dates returned to their original date. This is my first encounter with the Dec. 31, 1969 encounter.

Got first one today via my yahoo email. Dated 12/31/1969 @ 4:00 pm. Got me thinking…. Way weird.

I only get those messages from an ancient school of wisdom I attended. I don’t believe in random coincidences. Somewhere, there’s a bigger message in all of it.

I got two emails that didnt have any meaning to it, and both emails dated 12/31/1969 i’ve been reading everybody else posts abt their encounters this is very strange……………Really very strange does anyone out there know what this means any phsyic out there know.

My Ipod was messed up and the date was sent back to December 31st, 7pm 1969. When it went back to that date we pasted a grave yard?

My ipod touch battery was dead… After I charged it the date and time was 4:23 12/31/69. What is strange is my Grandaughter’s ipod did the exact samething. To fix it I had to reset it…

To me, a few minutes ago (1:10 PM), I was going through my deviantART page… And on one of my most recent pieces, named “Your Eyes Could Not Believe”… I refreshed the page and underneath it said,

“Daily Deviation (Featured by Nobody)
Given 1969-12-31”

I refreshed the page and it instantly disappeared. I told my friends and joked about it, and said I’d do research, but then I found this… Now, I’m afraid. What the hell is going on?!

…OKAY.. While sending myself a picture through my phone, my phone died on me (It had 37% batt) and turned on again… I’m seriously freaked out

Oh my god… I’ve experienced the same thing as Keiggy in Deviantart too… Only that it was my birth date that have changed, to 31 december 1969… I refreshed and it got away, but previously in the same day I’ve noticed a journal entry that I certainly didn’t posted… Now I’m I’m scared as shit that someone hacked me

Just went through my text messages and at the bottom of the list on my phone their was a message from anonymous with no contents dated December 31, 1969…weird

Was feeling bad today. My cat died today. The kids heard the phone ringing, the Magic Jack. They said it was a message from “Mommy”. The call arrived at exactly 7 pm and the phone message list showed a call with no number, nothing in the number identifier, received at 7pm exactly with the date December 31, 1969. My son said to look that up to see if there was some significance to this. We found ourselves here. It seems like it is crossing a lot of applications. This was a standard old-fashioned phone hooked to a Magic Jack that did this.

I keep getting the same messages sent to my yahoo account as email but it never shows on my recent mail only when go and check to see what I have not read and it will be at the bottom everytime….12-31-1969..but at 6pm every time…this is too werid for this….the message is blank only time and date like most peoples…as soon as I tried to read first one it dissapeared on me so when it came up again I showed someone else to make sure I was not seeing stuff..wanted to see if it would say something this time but wanted husband to see so he would beleive me and told that person hold on…it showed up again right under the first one…out of no where….WTF is going on…I feel as it is a sign and I plan on heading its warning….wish everbody else good luck cause like u all I googled the date and ended up here…and yes I am from Texas and have a Motorolla clique from T-mobile…this kinda cool…and like said before good luck and best wishes to those who have received these messages…it could be ur lucky day soon u never know

I also keep getting this email, dated dec, 31st 1969 at 7pm.
id really would like to know what this is. it is really strange.
if anyone knows just what it is please email me.
is someone from the past trying to contact me from the dead or is
it the pc just messing up. ????

Hi, my name is Bobbie and I have been receiving emails to my cell phone dated dec. 31, 1969. I have read all your post and think this is very strange. The date I received this was July 29, 2011 at 2:00 am. Has any of y’all gotten this message and date thing recently? Can anyone explain it yet? I got to this site by googling the date Have any of you found any other sites with people getting this kind of thing too?

My ipod touch died and I was going away for the weekend so I just left it on my side table …when I got home and plugged it in to charge it was saying that it was 7:51pm of December 31st 1969 (it was actually 10:05pm of August 8th 2011). I went into my Ipod settings and changed it back to the right time and date but creepy still!

This just happened to me today, I have a motorola charm. And it showed that I had an email. I could not find it till I scrolled all the way down, december 31,1969. I ended up here, a little creeped out

The same thing has just started happening to me. And when I go back to my email, its not there anymore even if I don’t delete it. Weird..

In computer speak it means zero. Basically no date

My ipod won’t let me fix the date from 12/31/69. Every time I try to change it, the wheel automatically goes back to 12/31/69 at 5:00 pm. Can someone tell me how to fix it?

Hey!!! This is crazy.. I receive an blank inbox from my bf on my FB with the same date Dec 31, 1969…. Which is weird… I’m never that curious.. But for some reason, I just google it… But I wasn’t expecting for all this people with the same experience.. Its crazy, I wish I could new the real scientific explanation… If someone knows it 🙂

Same here 12/31/1969 at 7pm thought I had a sister somewhere with that birthdate, but now i know its some weird group that we are all in

Justin its computer language really

Had the same thing happen. Got two texts today from my GF from December 31, 1969 at 5pm. Maybe Ill get the september one soon…I kinda hope so. Even if this is just computer code or something like that it still got me thinking. Man I really hope it means something!

Yep, it happened to me this morning. 12/31/69 4PM. When I went back to look at it later it was a completely blank page. Very strange. Theories welcome.

Weird thing I was listening to rapper Lil Wayne’s song “John” & in the song he says, ” Load up the choppers(gun) like its December 31st.” Its something about this day that has some sort of significance!! Besides New Years Eve!! We just can’t figure it out!!!

For real that’s a Lil Wayne lyric? You win “most interesting comment on this post” prize. And you’ll notice there’s been a lot of competition.

I ordered some books from When I went to the tracking site, it said my order was shipped via USPS on December 31, 1964 and would be delivered on January 14th. I knew USPS has had comments about how slow they are, but ” 43 years” is laughable !!! My Computer Consultant/friend supplied this link. OK – now I get it.

i keep getting the same text saying .11.ghohsimnygrogoyb hag 🙂 every day at 2 am but it sayd december 13,1969 6 pm.. i am only freakin out because i have been waking up with cuts on my arms, some times i shake vilently out of no ware for like a secound or two, on wtime i woke up with all my windo open and my radio blaring, just on time with the lights on. can some one exsplaint to me, i am only 14 and idk what i did wrong for this to be happening

Hi my name is carrie and I have gotten 2 emauls and both have no sender and no message and are both from december 31 1969 at 7:00pm it just a lil weird that so many people have got these same
e-mails and most are for the same time and its been going on for about 4 years and nobody really has a good reason of why it keeps happening i have read that it stands for 0 in the computer but why would it show up today because the date is 2-10-12 I do believe that there is something to this but if you can help i would love to find out more

I have also gotten an e-mail on my kindle fire, just today! Dec, 31 1969 @ 7:00pm its about 2am in Florida.

I have a droid ally and when i go to delete a thread it tells me that i sent i picture on dec 31, 1969? i dont know what time i wasnt looking but it kinda creeped me out.

Im getting message of my horoscope for
December 31th 1969, at 7:00 pm, but I’m
From a different month

so i have a blackberry phone and it was around midnight and ecive a facebook notification saying that my cousin “liked” a comment i posted,i opened the notification to see which comment it was and it opened to an unknown album from an unknown user with no pics or comments and the album dated December 31st 1969 7pm…..i tried to leave a comment saying wtf or click on like but it didnt let me…i asked my cousin and told her about it and she was also a bit freaked out….wut spooked us a bit was that she called me at home from her house phone and i couldnt hear a thing! i called her and stilll couldnt hear her or an noise,but she could hear me…wtf 🙁

Dont be freak out, I just recieve 3 more massages about my horoscope 12/31/1969,one of them 7:00 pm;another at 6:59 pm; & last at 6:00 pm, yesterday.

I thought I was the only one. Mine say Dec. 31, 1969 4:00pm. I have received 2emails with no recipient or subject,or messege. I also find it to be strange,and would like to know the meaning of the date.

I must have received 100 of these same messages with the date 12/31/69 and no content. I can not delete them either. Someone is hacking our phones and jamming our e mails. It appears to only effect the e mails on phones as my computer does not pick it up. Either way the dam things are multiplying and I can not find a way to get rid of it. Anyone find a way to delete this crap.

Any coders stumble on here?
A lot of systems use Dec 31, 1969 as their start date, as it was before the widespread adoption of computers, and far enough in the future that they wouldn’t have to worry about hitting it anytime soon.

It’s a relic of the 2 digit date thing that scared the crap out of people with Y2K, where planes were supposed to fll out of the air because their computers would switch over to 00 from 99.

Just a funky bit of trivia from the Information Age.

i haven’t used my black ipod touch in a while because i got a new one. so when i turned it back on after charging it, the date said dec. 31st 1969, and the time is 7pm. I didn’t think much of it until i went to change the date back to this one, but it wouldn’t let me. it’s really weird..

Yeah I noticed I sent an email and it got returned but it told me I sent the email December 31 at 4 and I don’t remember sending this but my email said I’ll take the middle. 500 dollars I’ll take five dollars this is all the information I’m lending out. This email was sent from my email address to some weird scrambled address that I had bever heard of but when I looked in my sent box it said I had sent that message on December 31 1969 at 4 pm I’m only 23

I get these all the time, December 31, 1969 @ 7:00pm – finally googled it, here is what I found “The Unix epoch is the time 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970. This is the reference point for all time stamps. When you use PHP’s date/time functions, you’re always working with the number of seconds since the epoch. Time 0 is the epoch, and you (or your web server) must be on the east coast of the US, which is 5 hours behind UTC time.” – pretty interesting stuff.

OK so I now received 2 Text Messages.
This is on my Samsung Galaxy SII running CyanogenMod 9

One received @ 10:30AM Oct. 17 and another @ 1:30PM Oct. 17
“From:” is blank, but the message itself is this.
BMy ÓÍ2óè?~d4eA~ݹycÓ?b »ñiÙ??ytAOÏ>?v®ASF?h4óA¿vÏ(0 é??EÀ 

Looks encrypted. Anyone know what this means?

Since last night I can’t see my Facebook notifications, every time I try to open one the date that appears is Dec 31, 1969 7:00PM while stays loading. This is still happening this morning. I have not restarted my cel phone or anything. I have a blackberry torch, so I don’t see how the UNIX thing can be happening all of the sudden? Weird I am just saying…..if anyone really comes off with a good explanation, I will be happy to hear it, or read it in this case! Good day!

holas angie a mi me pasa lo mismo desde ayer trato de ver mis notificaciones en el blackberry y no puedo sale cargando y la fecha es 31 de diciembre 1969 19:00 pero nunca termina de cargar trato de entrar a la imagen y sale imagen no valida , he apagado el cel y aun asi no se arregla alguien tiene idea de lo que significa????? la verdad q antes no le hubiera tomado importancia pero esta vez algo me dice q hay algo en esa fecha

Angie, the same exact thing started happening to me last night. I also have a Blackberry Torch and when I click on the FB notification, only for pictures uploaded by friends or comments on pictures that I uploaded..or am tagged in…it looks like it’s trying to load the picture and displays that date and time. Dec 31, 1969 7pm. Anyone know of a fix?

I was commenting on Facebook and Dec. 31, 1969 appeared in the comment section underneath mine. It was posted by a person named anonymous, and I was the only person able to see it. Meaning my friend didn’t have it show up in his comment section on the same post, and the other person commenting on the post didn’t see it as well. Does anyone have any answers?

I was com­menting on Facebook and Dec. 31, 1969 appeared in the comment section under­neath mine. It was posted by a person named anony­mous, and I was the only person able to see it. Meaning my friend didn’t have it show up in his comment section on the same post, and the other person com­menting on the post didn’t see it as well. Does anyone have any answers?

I got the same thing happening as jared…no name or text…just that date and only under my posts???

It happened to me on facebook while reading comments on Dec. 24th 2012 @ 10:30pm. It appeared in between comments, took a screen shot and disappeared. 2nd time it appeared today, January 6, 2013 @ 2:30pm..again while reading a comment on facebook…

i bought and rec’vd an item on ebay on the 5th of this month…but for the last 20 hours, i keep getting notifications telling me ‘you won, pay now’, i pulled up the duplicate item, and it stated



I have a galaxy s 111 phone and everytime that I am on Facebook Dec. 31,1969 pops up with a blank profile picture. It happens all the time when I am in a conversation on Facebook. This has been creeping me out! When I mention it in a comment then it disappears. I took a picture of it and I will continue to take more. What is up with Facebook?

Once a few months ago I got a 12-31-69 they’re all on facebook. If I have a lot of comments, there will be a Dec 31 1969 comment, blank with no pic. When I mention it, it disappears.

I’ve been seeing comments in Facebook on my galaxy s2 with a blank profile picture and the date 31dec1969 for a couple months now. I’ve been taking screen shots every time. Im up to 9 pictures of it now..

I checked my facebook comments on one of my posts and in between the comments there was a no picture Facebook icon with December 31, 1969 as the name with no was “blued” out and faded like it was comment was left by whoever it was… I clicked on it and it disappeared. I almost hesitated to because I was half asleep and giggled thinking I hope by clicking I won’t be sent to that date….hahaha… freaking strange! I only allow my friends on my profile and to post anything. So how did they even access my account??? Freaking strange!!!!!

I just posted a comment on facebook and in between my comment and another persons comment was a no picture facebook icon with the fate 1969-12-31. It was un click able. Then it disappeared.

same here – now it,s facebook – empty post with ghosty looking date……happened to me 3 or 4 times so far – i,m with you hoping it,s jerry garcia

YES!!!! I’m freaking out too!! I have 3 or 4 days seeing this “comment” on FB from whom I call a “ghost”. But the strange thing is I only see it when I’m commenting on James Van Praagh’s posts!!!!!!!!! Until today we googled the date and found out that a lot of ppl got the message since 2008 through emails, SMS, voicemails, FB….. the weirdest part is that yesterday the song “Raindrops keep falling on my head” came to my mind from nowhere and here I see that you, for some reason, mention it. All this is really really weird. Let’s find out everything that could have happened that date is my suggestion, maybe it’s some sort of message.

Have just noticed a blank comment with the date and month December 31,1969 showing up on Facebook first ignored it but saw it for the second time right after, I posted a comment below it a blank no photo no name just the same date Dec 31,1969 showed up…Thought was kinda weird because have also had two of my devices an cellphone and a tablet PC turn off on their own creepy but do wanna know more about this what does it mean.

Well have looked up Dec 31,1969 and found and indeed might be linked to Jerry Garcia an guitar player singer who died of drug abuse wensday August 09 but why would’ve being showing up on our devices or websites with no Facebook photo or name as an right now 2013 when he passed away long time ago may he rest in peace..but maybe he trying tell us all something what if wasn’t really drug abuse that ended he’s life….Also found that Dec 31,1969 is based on some song grateful dead, sunflower and that could perhaps also be an internet virus well is all, I found.

My friends thought I was crazy! I have taken tons of screenshots of the Facebook Ghost December 31, 1969. Every time I say anything about it, it disappears also. Maybe “they” are spying on us. I have no other explanation, just glad to know I am not alone.

So this is really odd… as of today I’ve never seen this date. Yet when I tried to delete old threads of messages I no longer wanted, all the messages were deleted, yet the contacts remained i n the message system… with the date of December 31, 1969 at 7:00pm.

Last night I restarted my Apple TV and it came up at December 31, 1969. 5:05 PM. Didn’t think that much about it. My buddy said that was the date and time that I died in my last life. But after seeing that so many people have had the same thing, I don’t know why that date was showing.

It’s weird. Everytime I comment on someones status on Facebook under my comment with be blank comment from a blank name and picture and the date will say Dec 31, 1969

This has been going on for awhile on Facebook. I respond to something and a blank photo comes up with no name and there’s tha t same date Dec 31 1969. I thought it was just me but glad to know its not. Its always under my name and comment.

No panic, but I though I was the only one getting this date Dec 31 1969 so assuming it’s some type of date in which have to do with computer or maybe a date relevant to a event, so I feel better now….

The same happened to me today sept 6 2013…I do believe it is a signal from God… me and a friend had a signal yesterday with another number and today with this one…if someone would like to talk about it i have several info..send me an email

My sons father died, now i keep being someone comments on my post about him with no picture no word and they commented on December 31, 1969

Everytime I comment on facebook a user pops up right after me with no picture or Name but says it was born on December 31, 1969

This has been happening to me for months, now, with this date appearing, sometimes, when I comment on FB threads. It’s creepy, but I feel better knowing I’m not the only one.

I’m seeing the Facebook “ghost” but the date is December 25th 1969. I’m on a lot of conspiracy pages and government as well. I share a lot about politics and conspiracy theories and when I see the ghost comment it happens usually after I’ve been posting a lot for days about Martial Law, Fukishima and many more things that people just don’t tend to be aware of or believe in. The comment shows up directly under mine with an emty profile pic (with the blue facebook face guy) the Date is there and no comment. I believe this happens when they track your comments and posts maybe after a lot of activity talking about them who are spying on us in the first place! Sounds crazy, I know but it’s either that or someone from the past has a message, lol

For you peoples information this guy I caught him about 6 months ago on a web site I was on facebook. This guy is from the D.C. area. And, yes he is spying on everyone of us that sees him. Unfortunately I deleted his address, name, and so on. But if you think this is some shit, you ought to go to my timeline and look up the owner of facebook. You will be blown away. Its about Mark Z. You can look at these things 2 ways. 1 for your safety if someone is stalking you, or threatening you, and your friends. Or 2 their violating your privacy. But, I have been called down for saying some unkind things about our president, and they shut me down for 12 hrs. But, then again I’m not the kind of person that holds back on my feelings about people doing us wrong. So having said this just be careful of what you say on facebook because yes you are being spied on. So just be cool, because if you be real, the government is forcing companies to let them do what they want. It seems this government doesn’t care about you, me or these internet companies.

Me too. I googled this. I keep having this ghost post after me on public pages. I took a screen shot of it too. Thought I was the only one!

Same thing happened after I would post on the fox news site the blank profile with date dec. 31st 1969 would appear. Over the course of months I have been followed, watched, mind control used, and scared for my life! I have never been a conspiracy theorists or into politics. I have been targeted for some reason. I’m a mother of two girls and love people and culture so I have no idea why I have been targeted. Has anyone else expierenced any of this??

I have a weird story regarding this date. Our security system in our home went down and I contacted our cable company. The agent I talked to said that an “event” showed up on our account December 31, 1969.
A technician was sent to our home to repair system which should have taken him about 45 minutes. Instead he was here for 2 days. In that time, the new “equipment” which he replaced about half dozen times (boxes everywhere ) kept failing! Calls to his support team came up with no answers and the frustration level for this poor guy was through the roof. To add insult to injury while he was here his work laptop crashed as well! Finally fixed by hardwiring equipment….still no explanation and company has never had anything like this happen before. This morning I opened my email and there is a phantom message dated Dec 31, 1969. I like to think it is a system thing, but all these posts are pretty interesting just the same…which is why I posted here.

I just saw an empty Facebook post. No pic, dated December 31, 1969.

it’s the doctor trying to keep tabs on the present

DEC.31 1969 works for the government as a spy on people like us. So be careful not to say anything about the government to nasty. Yeah this guy has been getting into my conversations. And, I tell him to fk off. As I said he works for the oshithead administration so now you know.

Happens to me when I comment on a post on facebook. Blank no pic post but with that date. Dec 31 1969 …

Sounds like a flaw in mathematical programming or purposely included in the code to be a carrier for data to be retrieved and that being said the big brother could be real ! Think of how computers were developed and who would benefit from putting a computer in everyones home .

Same thing as everyone else, will see it in comments on different posts, 1969, and usually when I see it several posts are repeated directly after it, that were previously posted. So freaky…..

I have screen shots of this dude on fb today… I had old pictures saved from an old phone but It got stolen. I get it at different times and its far apart in its occurrences.. if you want my email is… I could send you the screenshots for proof… it is creeping me out… then when I go back to the same comments after I took the screenshots to see if others see it.. he disappeared. It creeps me out.. because no one would see it but me… my only proof is my screenshots. .

It is not just issues with apple OK people! My phone has been doing.g that but only with Facebook comments and my phone is Android! So I am not sure about this but it is kinda creepy. Like, I don’t even think Facebook was even invented in 1969!!!! If it is tell me that I’m wrong but, I don’t know this is confusing…

It happens on Facebook and then it disappears no comment just a date

his just happened to me twice past week commenting on FB. but date with blank photo was Dec. 6 1969…and my post would be on the comments twice…weird…who or what is happening…

I have seen this date on Facebook comments with no face a few times..
I have seen it when I’ve ordered pizza online..

Since a post was made on this specific page around 2009, (if you scroll back up), it’s due to a glitch in UNIX’s epoch date. This article from Mental Floss explains it in layman’s terms: “If you’ve ever had the date on a cell phone or computer mysteriously switch to December 31, 1969, you may have thought it was simply random. But the reason behind this odd glitch is a nice little tidbit of computer trivia.

Unix is a computer operating system that, in one form or another, is used on most servers, workstations, and mobile devices. It was launched in November 1971 and, after some teething problems, the “epoch date” was set to the beginning of the decade, January 1, 1970. What this means is that time began for Unix at midnight on January 1, 1970 GMT. Time measurement units are counted from the epoch so that the date and time of events can be specified without question. If a time stamp is somehow reset to 0, the clock will display January 1, 1970.

So where does December 31 fit in? It’s because you live in the Western Hemisphere. When it’s midnight in Greenwich, England, it’s still December 31st in America, where users will see December 31, 1969—the day before Unix’s epoch.”

There is no mystical reason behind it, and some of the things people have been saying are pretty hilarious. It’s kind of an interesting experiment in human psychology to read the reasons and explanations people have been coming up with. It just shows how susceptible people are to starting conspiracies and believing them.

Today it showed on my TV that I had recorded a show from December 31 1969. When I tried to view it , it is frozen.


Appreciate it for the below message.

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