punk camping stoves

This is punk: homemade alcohol camping stoves. I saw one in a friend’s kitchen, but I sure didn’t know what I was looking at. Most people don’t cut up pop cans to some ambigous specification and leave them lieing around their kitchen. I thought it was some abandoned craft project until he pointed out it was a camping stove. Such a thing as a camping stove had best be a reliable and durable artifact if you’re into say through-hiking the appalachian trail, as my friend is (or was). So you don’t much expect them to look like abandonded cut-pop-can craft projects. In my world view, camping stoves cost over a hundred dollars and look like the german engineered key component buried in a jet engine.

Nope. They look like pop can crafts. This is an emerging movement by the way, not because they are insanely cheaper than conventional hiking stoves, but because they are lighter and more reliable. You can build one “on the trail, with a knife, in 11 minutes”.

That is punk.

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