Ungoogleable Rock

Personally I think Wired got it wrong. I think the really interesting ungoogleables are the ones who aren’t making an active effort to stay out of the search engines’ grand indexes but who nonetheless live their lives in some way such that their names just don’t get typed out and uploaded to the internets. I have a couple of friends like that, or more specifically I had a couple of friends who I’ve since lost touch with and who I have been googleing every few months for years with no results. Where are you and what are you doing? Google shall not tell me.

And unless the boffins at our favourite search engine decide to make a change, Google will never be able to tell you about the band !!!, as I learned tonight trying to do a search for them. Try googling them, it’s kind of an interesting result. While you’re at it, try a search for their song “Me And Guiliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story)”, 9 minutes well spent. Kind of ballsy, making your band structurally ungoogleable.

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