Bushmeat Haiku

I never quite got around to the traditional “I’m leaving for the bush” blog entry this summer, but I did leave for the bush and here I am now. Been here for a while actually. Planting trees. Yep. More to follow, perhaps. For now, here’s some haiku from my comrades-in-shovels.

Haiku for the Van

Dirty and smelly,
Bad sound and ten cylinders.
Tired, it takes me home.

– Sherwin with thanks to Hugh

& for the Block

Step, shovel, seed, stomp
Rolling like a mercury —
step, shovel, seed, stomp

– Bashto (DR) with thanks to Sherwin

Amidst qeues of seedlings
I here mull anomalous
in my bags, my boots

– Pound Issa (DR again) with thanks to Eric

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