Photo From Andy Q

Received email from Andrew Querner, who was looking for background details for a photo of his that will be published in a photo essay about treeplanting. Andrew is a professional photog who I planted with back in 2003. He was the first person I saw trying to seriously take pictures of treeplanting, and they are fantastic. His website is at

Resless Planet

The photo in question is below. That’s me and Ax-paq and somebody else riding in the mudbogger truck that Chris Howard rented off some Chetwynd townie to traverse an especially bad stretch of logging road. If anybody can remember Ax-paq’s real name let me (or Andy Q) know.

The photo essay will be in the summer issue of Kootenay Mountain Culture.

(c) Andrew Querner

(That’s me looking way relaxed in the back.)

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