My Hands as Textile Art Installation

A former treeplanting comrade who also happens to be a textile artist has a gallery show in Montreal. It’s about treeplanting. A textile art show about treeplanting–strange, and cool. But here’s the really cool part: among the things she crafted tapestries of are some pictures I took of my hands after my last day of treeplanting last summer. HOW COOL IS THAT? Cool enough to justify all caps and more. I’m so damn thrilled. People are wandering around a gallery in Montreal looking at treeplanting art, and I contributed to it with my photos and my bashed up hands. I love it. I love it.

The artist’s name is Dahlia, but um I don’t think I know her last name, and I don’t know if that is actually tapestry or something completely different. My ignorance of textile art knows no bounds, but I have been told that “the repetitive movement of jaccard-loom weaving has a similar sort of rhythm as the old step-step-plant”. Art. Yes. Man, I wish I could see the show.

photo Jane Boles


This is beautiful! wish you could find out this Dahlia’s last name so i can see if she has done any other work.

Dahlia Milon most definitely has other work. You can see some of it at her website .

I think you work is quite exciting and speaks to the every-day activity of our interaction to nature preservation and the continuance of life. Gardening is also a hobby of mine and I think it is a most rewarding past-time…

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