BoingBoing Hires God to Play the Organ

I’m a hardened addict. Sometimes I don’t even like visiting boingboing. It’s kind of like those people who live in lower mainland BC but are pissed off at the breathtaking scenery cause, like, what am I supposed to do about that?

Boingboing has just had a total site redesign. Ironically (?) I learned about the redesign from‘s RSS feed. It’s nice. I like it, although lots of people don’t seem to. Maybe the biggest deal is the return of comments. The boingboing gang of 4’s justification for turning comments off a few years ago was that they couldn’t effectively moderate them. So now they’ve hired somebody to do it. Who do you hire to moderate your comments if you are the most-visited blog on the internet, with a monthly readership approximately equal to Wired magazine’s and total monthly expenses of a few thousand in hosting fees? Teresa Nielsen Hayden apparently. Which is kind of like starting a new church and hiring god to play the organ. I imagine she’ll do well.

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