A Le Guinish Opera?

According to Ursula Le Guin’s website:

October 12 and 13, 2007, in New York, American Opera Projects will be doing a staged version with piano of the Prologue and Act I Scene 3 of Stephen Andrew Taylor’s opera Paradises Lost. The entire opera will be per­formed at the University of Illinois in Spring 2009.

The libretto is by Stephen Andrew Taylor and Kate Gale, with input from me. It is based on my generation-​​ship novella “Paradises Lost,” in The Birthday of the World Excerpts were per­formed at the New York City Opera’s festival VOX this spring.”

I read Birthday of the World not that long ago, and remember Paradises Lost as a good short science fiction story, with unlikely and unas­suming char­ac­ters and Le Guin’s usual capacity to make the standard assump­tions seem odd by pre­senting some more honest ones as normal. An opera? Weird.

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