Let Them Eat Thomas Paine

Rally ’round a cage, cringe at the paper then place the blame on “these days”
As if we don’t know what we’ve seen ’til we view it on the big screen
Understand it’s not getting any better and it’s growing outside
A price paid in full for the conscience that lied
All the billboards in the world can’t cover our eyes
I don’t understand

Don’t tread on me

But we act like we didn’t know, then kids shoot kids or community defies its role
Then of course it’s everyone’s fault except anyone we might know
Tell me are the colors of the flag much prettier to see
When viewed from the requisite comfort of the knees
We’re the loyal little chorus still singing out “please”
I can’t understand

Don’t tread on me

Let Them Eat Thomas Paine, Dillinger Four

Something I found on my harddrive. I honestly have no idea how it got there.

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