We’re Pretty Quick As A Matter of Fact

“Put your love in a bag and swing it round your head babe’
Yeah, it can be done baby I know, I told you”

the Chob, We’re Pretty Quick


I get a kick outof all of the compliations that have our recordings one them. We never saw a penny from Lindy Blaschke. In the end, though, it is all good: garage band heros that my grandchildren think are “Cute”.

Dick Hansen – Vocals – Guitar
Quentin Miller – Lead Guitar – Vocals
Keith Bradshaw – Bass Guitar – Vocals
Robbie Crnich – Organ – Vocals
Dave Elledge – Drums – Vocals

BEST song in the history of EVER! 😀

Just as a piece of written prose the lyric quoted above may not seem so great. But it sure does work in the song.

And I’m utterly chuffed to see the drummer/vocalist commenting on it here. Hi Dave, love the track. Played it many times on my radio show.

Amazing to keep finding posts about We’re pretty Quick after all these years. Funny that none of them has gotten the lyrics exactly right yet. The internet searches list the song or The Chob (Choab) less and less lately. But it’s been a kick to see how many compilations we have been on. Like Dave, haven’t made a cent on this song to date. Lately have just located Quentin and Dave.

[…] pleased to see that a second member of the 60’s rock outfit The Chob has now commented on my post cele­brating the lyrics of their song We’re Pretty Quick. “Amazing to keep finding […]

Hi Keith
My clients would like to use your track, can you please contact me on [email protected]

Could someone please suscribe the lyrics?

i had play this gem many time in my vacation few days ago and now i’m over again trying to understand the lyrics beacuse i’m italian and is not simple for me:) I wanna say thanks guys for this masterpiece “One of the top track to play to anyone you need to convert to 60s garageism “

that song rocks balls! What are the lyrics?

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