Mike Doughty and His Blog

I’m pretty sure I was in a bar the other night, lauding Mike Doughty with another drunk friend. As I recall my friend brought him up, not me, which was great because I’ve been trying to harangue people about Mike Doughty less. Also great is that I think my friend told me he’s coming through town next month. And she bought tickets.

Today I was searching for chords to 40 Grand in the Hole, and discovered Mr. Doughty has a blog and writes a mean random blog post.

“So many fights are about something so, so old; nothing to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I feel sometimes like a civil war re-enactor; you were you just a moment ago, but suddenly I’ve cast you as the Confederacy, slash, my Mom!”

Which incidentally translates into: he’s got a new album on the cooker.

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