Photos from New Orleans & Texas & Joshua Tree

I’ve added a few photos from my christmas-break trip to New Orleans and Texas (particularly Enchanted Rocks State Natural Area near Austin) and Joshua Tree Nat’l Park in California.

It was a fairly random trip, the sort of backpacking bounce-around I mostly associate with ‘overseas’ travel. Turns out that can be a lot of fun to do in the US but (surprise!) kind of expensive too. One thing all the main locations had in common was enormous potential for photography. So it’s a shame I didn’t take many photos, and fewer good ones. Photographs or no, I have lots of great material stored away in my head where it can mulch up and spontaneously generate romantically distorted “memories” of what were romantically distorted events even at the time. I’m looking forward to it.

What I learned from photoshopping my photos from New Orleans: that city has very few right angles.

hiking out of joshua trees

Hiking out of Joshua Trees

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