Free-Download Treeplanting Music Compilation

Peppermill Records is a little indie outfit based in Terrace, and run in the off-season by planter Peter Krahn. Peter has laboured mightily to bring together a massive compilation of music by planters, for planters and yes, of planters.

It’s cheaper than Outland bidding on a bladed ontario hedgerow block. It’s free.

Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees

If you’re a planter then you probably know some of the performers, or know somebody who knows them, or have unknowingly worked fill over top of their hopelessly j-rooted trees from a few seasons back, or they are right now working fill over your hopelessly j-rooted trees from a few seasons back.

And yes, it includes what may still be the greatest planting song of all time.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with Peter since he wanted to use some of my photos for a gallery. (I’m pleased he picked out a couple I took in ’03 with a ziplocked disposable. I forgot about those.) A few weeks back I got excited and played the radio debut of a couple of the tracks. Since then Peter has locked in a bunch of new numbers and officially released the whole thing to the winds.

Plug yer ipod into the crewcab speakers, roll down the windows and blare it into the blasted ex-wilderness like some kind of misguided call to prayer.

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