GEO Bargaining, Pt III

I’ve arrived during the after-session. Negotiation has ceased and we’re talking amongst ourselves. I’m only briefly in the room, but what I’m hearing is:

The administration is starting to get frustrated, because they are expecting us to back off and we aren’t and aren’t and aren’t.

Sounds to me like we’re heading towards a walkout.

Ah yes, it’s announced that the Stewards Council has voted to propose a March 25th/26th walk out. So depending what happens from here, next mass meeting will include a vote on whether that will happen or not.

Contracts are for 3 years. During the last two negotiations, there have been 1 day work stoppages which have been successful in moving the administration. So this would be a small escalation. Note that other unions (particularly construction) will likely respect any picket lines. This wouldn’t be a strike, which is an indefinite action which only ceases when a settlement is reached on contract negotiation, but rather a fixed-length demonstration of student willingness.

Before that, there is a planned visibility action on Monday for the diag. Specifics TBA.

And we’re done.

Earlier sessions: 1, 2.


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