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Of Striped Bass and Voting Records

Audio: [audio:]

This week:

  • An interview with Kerry Duggan from the League of Conservation Voters about the environmental voting record of the presidential candidates.
  • The coming of spring and the deterioration of ecological synchronaeity.
  • Sustainable fish of the week: striped bass.
  • Audio that cuts in and out on the right channel.
  • Former snerd putting it to the man at the ECO:nomics conference.
  • Some other substantive things.

After last week’s guerilla episode we’ve received the official go-ahead from station official go-aheaders. A new era in environmentally themed college talk radio with an emphasis on soul and R&B is born.

Here’s just the part with Kerry Duggan:

Audio: [audio:]

Here’s the video of Brihannala Morgan of the Rainforest Action Network rising to speak at ECO:nomics:

Archer Daniels on the Hotseat

And some good coverage from the Santa Barbara Independent:

Activists Infiltrate ECO:nomics, Briefly

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