When Mobs of Citizens Influence the Behaviour Of Government

From (of course) the National Post: B.C. minister backtracks on park hydro project

“The about-face, which came a day after 1,000 people gathered in a school gym near the provincial park, shows the powerful effect of public opinion in swaying government projects. Joe Foy of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee said his group was “deliriously happy.”

But critics worry the about-face has emboldened environmental protesters in a province starving for new energy sources, showing that they can veto any proposal they dislike simply by packing into a community hall.”

What shall we call this dangerous new trend, where suspiciously large groups of citizens affect government projects by organizing and publicly expressing their opinion, sometimes in a public place? Gym-mobs? Democropacking? Rights are important of course, but there needs to be reasonable limits to people’s ability to influence their elected representatives.


See and hear the best speech ever given in defence of BC’s rivers and streams and in support of public power. Here is Rafe Mair at the Pitt Meadows public meeting on March 25, 2008. Pass it on. Post it everywhere. Here’s the link…


This is true and I think that you should present your case doing what these people you speak of are doing to show them and explain what you mean.

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