Empty Seats at the Pow Wow

So I got a few hours in at the pow wow. Fun, as expected. Can’t really beat it for people-​​watching, and every­body is doing some­thing and having a good time. Still digesting my fry bread and (fried) buffalo burger. I got waved down to an inter­tribal dance by some friendly old folks in buckskin, but I pre­tended they were waving at somebody else. I’m shy.

A couple of weeks ago when we were having a GEO rally outside the admin­is­tra­tion building, we had to wait while a group of Indians and sup­porters held their own gath­ering to demand the return of ances­tral remains which they say the uni­ver­sity keeps in storage. At the pow wow, somebody had thought to drive this point home by roping off sections of seats. Each section had signage indi­cating the number of people, what county their remains had been removed from, and in what year. The number I heard (or misheard) was some­thing like 1100 seats held empty.

University pres­i­dent Mary Sue Coleman gave some remarks after the opening grand pro­ces­sion. I wonder if she was aware.

blue pow wow from the maize seats


Pow Wow’s are my life, i sing with a group called Pipestone jr’s, we are a Dakota singing group and we’ve been singing for 12 years just thought i will say that.

I love em. Got to spend a little time at the Ktunaxa pow wow south of Creston BC in the spring too. And I still dream of riding a motor­bike across the US some summer, hitting all the pow wows I can find along the way.

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