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Gettin’ Tased for the Planet, Support for Animal Literacy Now!, the Diiirrrrrty Dozen and a Celebration of the Earth’s Greenest Green

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Gina Ginason, Hugh-go “I Rock the Mic’s” Stimson and special guest Alex Sergay overcompensate for Gwen’s absence today on the fourth ever It’s Hot in Here.

This just in:

  • Don’t Tase Me Man: Protesters arrested and tased after locking themselves to bulldozers at a Duke Energy coal plant in North Carolina on Tuesday. More details here.
  • Polar bear ventures too far in land to escape the ravages of climate change, gets shot by hunters in “self defense” thinking its a grizzly bear…if only the poor animals knew how to read the animal migration road signs… Check it.
    • Too depressing for you: shoot your very own Polar Bear to ease the pain!
      1 part vodka, 1 part chilled peppermint schnapps, 1 dash crushed ice: Shake schnapps and vodka together until well-mixed. Add crushed ice, shake lightly, then pour to shot glasses. Delish.
  • Oil Exec’s wine like babies for access to ANWR, despite record profits. More details here.
  • LCV Dirty Dozen, get the word out and learn about Michigan’s own diiirrrrrrtyyy Congressman Joe Knollenberg, who helped get a law banning the USEPA from ever holding informational sessions on climate change for the public. I think I could use a polar bear shot….
  • Join the greenest people in the Mitten and surrounding sweet smelling states at Ann Arbor’s own Hash Bash this Saturday from 12-1 on the UM diag. Learn more about the reason for the season, the arrest of John Sinclair and his sentence to ten years in jail for two measly joints. Check out John Lennon and Yoko Ono in some era-appropriate hot pink t’s doing the original version of their tune John Sinclair at the Free John Sinclair Rally at the Big House in 1971.
  • For more on the Shafer Commission (that recommended decriminalizing marijuana in 1972, and subsequently ignored by Nixon) and the craziness surrounding the U.S. MJ laws, check out this short format docu, The Color Green
  • And if you didn’t get enough green tunes, check out all the ones I hoped to play.

Join us next week for all the environmental news that’s fit to hear.

Right arm earth lovers,


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