Above the Snow Line

The Creston weather report makes daily mention of the snow level. Today it’s reported as “1000 metres rising to 2000 metres this afternoon”. Working the high valleys and mountain tops around the valley proper, we’ve had first-hand experiences with the snow level. And today for the second time in my career as a planter, we were shut down before planting began because of weather. Halfway up the Dodge Creek Road the snow started drifting down around our crewcab, and we arrived on the block to find it was just too high above that 1000 meter snow level mark for safe and sane planting. So after the best snowball fight I’ve ever had on June 10th, we rolled back down the hill. We’ve put some wet work clothes into the laundry, made some tea, watched the end of Yellowbeard, and may go to the matinee or looking for Bountiful. Snow day.

Toby hoodying up on snowday

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Snow!! I can’t believe it. It was almost 100 here last week and it’s in the 80’s this week. It’s so hot right now, i can’t even remember snow.

I’ve been loving all the pictures, they are so beautiful. I’m glad you are out there having adventures.

I also wanted to say that I REALLY enjoyed reading the report on the radio experiment. I found the results well organized, timely, thorough and very informative. Full marks:)

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