Shiny New Albums from Bands You’ve Heard Of

Nobody bothered to tell me, so I thought I’d tell you: new albums by Beck, the Silver Jews, and (soon) Brian Eno/David Byrne.

Yep, that’s right, Eno & Byrne are cranking out a new one, just 27 years after My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. “Everything that Happens Will Happen Today”. When those two get together, it’s just a matter decades before sparks fly. (But seriously folks, Bush of Ghosts is awesome, I’m dieing to hear the new one.) August 18 release. Now that Eno is a serious thinker about time scales and generative systems and Byrne is a serious thinker about powerpoint, what kind of music will they make?

You probably heard Beck’s Modern Guilt before I did. You probably liked it. It’s a bit less artsy-wacky than standard Beck fair, less sonorous than Sea Change, very locked-beat groovy. The guy’s a master. He should recieve an honorary Master’s degree.

You probably don’t like the Silver Jews. But I do and I’m gonna go listen to Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea right now. The Silver Jews make the best packing-to-leave music on the planet. Once I’ve packed up to leave somewhere I’ll give this new one a review.


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