Absolute Joy in Domains of True Uncertainty

After getting irri­tated at humankind’s inability to accept that some things are gen­uinely uncer­tain, I open my pod­casting device and hey presto:

Resilience: Adaptation and Transformation in Turbulent Times — A World Of Possibilities, May 6th

It opens with Buzz Holling (who NRE 580 alumnus will remember for panarchy theory) on adap­ta­tion, uncer­tainy, ade­ter­minism, non-​​equilibrium, and such like in the general world. Then it moves onto Brian Walker talking about much of the same in ecosystem man­age­ment, plus control fetishism. Then it moves on from there. Recorded at a Stockhlom con­fer­ence on applying biology-​​based resilience theory to social systems. The idea of which is now creeping me out. Except that maybe, just maybe, this is a group of people that can be trusted to think ratio­nally across dis­ci­plines. Maybe. Anyhow, it’s good listening.

Brian Walker’s talk reminded me of a lecture on con­ser­va­tion man­age­ment from my under­grad, wherein Thom Nudds announced that if you manage to get an ecosystem to not cycle you’ve flat­lined it, so con­grat­u­la­tions on that.

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