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Joseph Romm and Howard French


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We’re not saying there wasn’t any envi­ron­mental news to report this week, we’re just saying we had too many smart people to talk to to get around to it. Specifically:

  • Joseph Romm, author of many books on climate change and other topics of energy and the envi­ron­ment, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and former Assistant Secretary for Energy. He main­tains an excel­lent blog on energy issues at cli​mateprogress​.org. Go there now, you can read and listen at the same time.We asked Joe what exactly offsets, cap and trade, and renew­able energy credits are, what they do and what they don’t do. His message: don’t count on ‘em.
  • Howard French, pro­fessor of jour­nalism at Columbia, former senior writer for the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. Howard is author of A Continent for the Taking: the Tragedy and Hope of Africa, and was in town last week to give a talk in the Africa Workshop series. We talked with him about the impli­ca­tions, social and envi­ron­mental, of the expan­sion of Chinese industry in Africa.

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[…] is an edit of an It’s Hot in Here inter­view from November of 2008, which I con­ducted when Howard was in Ann Arbor to lecture based on his book. […]

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