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On the Phone with Uganda and the Congressional Campaign

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This week:

  • Co-host Gina Gettum made a progress report from Uganda. She told us about the illegality of the only fish which can be eaten, and what it’s like to have dinner in a revolving restaurant with arms dealers while missing your own interview on national TV.
  • We spoke with Gary Peters, congressional candidate for Michigan, who is campaigning with our Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan of the League of Conservation Voters. Gary is on the last day of the campaign trail, and he easily convinced us to endorse him in the 9th District (for the third time over).

    Kerry and Gary call in from the campaign trail
    Actual photograph of Kerry and Gary calling in from the campaign trail.

Howard French, former senior writer for the New York Times and author of A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa, suffered a major spatiotemporal-decorrelation event, and we didn’t get him into the studio in time for the show. But we were able to sit down with him later in the day and that interview will be featured on a future episode.

Next week: Gina makes her triumphant return from Uganda, and we talk with Joseph Romm, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and editor for


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