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Activist Zo Randriamaro Joins us from Madagascar!


Human and environmental justice activist  Zo Randriamaro heats up the WCBN Studios with her wisdom, passion and careful thoughts.

If you are short on time, skip the news recap and head right to Zo at minute 16. You you’ll be happy you did.

Zo and Gina

Zo tells us that average temperatures in Madagascar have risen over 1.5 degrees C in the past 50 years.  Deadly cyclones, like this one last week, have increased in number. Addressing climate change should be President Obama’s number one priority. Zo makes a plea that addressing poverty and economic development must go hand in hand with environmental conservation.

Zo tells it like it is on the role of international financial institutions, the recent land deal in Madagascar leasing 50% of the islands arable land to the South Korean company Deawoo and the current state, and the importance of giving voice to those unable to speak for themselves.

In four short days President Obama vowed to close Gitmo, follow the Geneva Convention and freeze the salaries of his top officials.  Check out his weekly address here.

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