It’s Hotter Than Ever on WCBN

Back in Michigan, it’s a new term and It’s Hot in Here is rolling out a new season of environmental talk radio on WCBN. Don’t know yet if they’ve re-scooped the Monday noon time slot for the whole season, or if it’s just temporary while the new schedule is getting worked out, but one way or another the show is forging on. I’m looking forward to being a listener for the first time (Gina and Shannon fired off shows on the 29th and 5th, but I missed them), and it sounds like today is going to be a great one. As always, live stream at, and the shows will still get podcasted from this website, even though I’m not directly involved any more. Although I do have some plans to do some regional reporting once I get settled in.

Looks like they’ll be talking some environmental spatial analysis today, go figure.

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