Everyone and everything wants me to learn R, including apparently the New York Times. Normally, I would give in to this kind of pressure. But I haven’t been an academic since late 2008 (or at least, not officially). I forget, do non-academics do things like learning R?


R is so much better than MiniTab that it isn’t funny. I understand that it is similar to S-Plus which I’ve never used. So if you need to do a lot of analysis then it’s excellent. I need to get the IT guys to put it on my work computer…

[…] runs in linux of course, and so if you have the R skills, statistics is covered. But if you don’t have the R skills (and who does?), you’re screwed. And for all those random sciencey applications for habitat […]

[…] a year ago, I made some noises on this blog about want­ing to learn R. Not very sur­pris­ingly, I didn’t […]

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