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Brix and Bing: Two, Two, Two Guest in One (Show)

Join us this week as special guests Andrew Brix of the Ann Arbor Energy Office and Jason Bing of the Environmental House Energy & Green Building Research Center get us up to speed on efforts to keep our homes and tree town green and how we can get involved.


We also had Greg Vendena from the Clean Energy Coalition based in Ypsi join us briefly on the phone (so a trifecta of energy experts as it were).

But First….


The News…

Fish Ain’t Biting? Great Lakes, Great Fish

  • Try out one of Lake Michigan’s own delicious lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis).
  • Check out Great Lakes Whitefish, for more info and recipes so you can fully enjoy this “Best Choice/Good Alternative” great fish.
Eat me!

Eat me!


  • This week we look at the 1973 Oil Embargo and its effects on the global economy. The response was dramatic around the world, as our oil junkie veins had a serious bout of petrol withdrawal (c’mon man, front me just one barrel!). Naturally, we draw parallels with the modern day: dwindling supplies and an Obamian (Obaman?) “planet in peril.” Yet to keep it optimistic a discussion of creative destruction.

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