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NAP: Birds and Burnin’… Plus, Green Drinking


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We are joined in the studio by two staffers from the City of Ann Arbor’s Natural Area Preservation (NAP) unit: the Volunteer & Outreach Coördinator, Jason Frenzel-​​Wright, and City Ornithologist, Deaver Armstrong respec­tively.

But first the news…
Some examples of new man­u­fac­turing and business inno­va­tion ideas in Michigan: WindTronics 760 wind turbines out of Muskegon, Affordable Green Energy LLC out of Essexville. Plus, our watch con­tinues on the brewing fights over new coal-​​fired power plants.

And the Sustainable Fish of the Week!

Back talking with our guests we discuss the details of the Natural Area Preservation unit which is a nation­ally unique city program that employs folks like ornithol­o­gists while reaching out to the com­mu­nity to vol­un­teer to help inven­tory and maintain the ecology of the city’s natural areas. Lean much more and get involved here:

Natural Area Preservation — www​.a2gov​.org/​nap
Adopt-​​a-​​Park — www​.a2gov​.org/​a​d​o​p​t​-​a​-​p​ark
NAP Blog — a2nap​.blogspot​.com

And lots of good links regarding bird vol­un­teering, birds, bird safe-​​passage, birding, and more:
NAP Volunteering with Bird Inventory
More about fatal light attrac­tion for birds from night lighting:
Video Regarding Light Attraction at the 911 Memorial

Finally, some tips via grist​.org for Drinking Green and/​or Green Drinking
How-​​To Get Wasted and Waste Less

And since we are dis­cussing Green Drinks, check out the Green Drinks mixer this Wednesday at ABC at 7pm and other local food events listed at the Washtenaw Local Food Portal calendar.

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