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The World Needs Liberation: People, Polemics, and Politrixxx


Join us as Gina G, Shannon B and OR Johns heat things up with two exxxtra special guests.

Lisa Anne Richey Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Department of Society and Globalisation (yes,  that’s Globalization with an S) at Roskilde University in Denmark and author of Population Politics and Development: From the Policies to the Clinics schools us on the politics of our “population problem.”

John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and the Secret History of the American Empire heat up the WCBN studios. Gina “J.J” Gettup, Shannon and yours truly will interview the former eminent economic hitman, John Perkins. Get prepared for some incendiary vitriol and lime juice to the eye action.

Butt FirstButt first…

The weekly standards: News roundup, “Thresholds: The Curse of Akkad,” and “Fish Ain’t Bitin’?” (try a delicious Striped Mullet (not just for NASCAR fans anymore)).


Mentioned early on in the show is your portal on the interwebs for getting to know the Ann Arbor area local food community better: includes a calendar that reveals such special events as an Open Space Technology event “Everyone Has To Eat” this Tuesday (6:30pm 1024 Dana Bldg. Central Campus) and “Localizing Agriculture: How Will We Eat on 80% Less Energy” lecture by Dr. Tom Princen on Wednesday (5:30pm 1024 Dana Bldg. Central Campus).

SO! Lock and load. Pull the trigger. Bite the bullet.  And pour some sugar on me.

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