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“Clean” Coal or Canary in the Bread Line?



Exxxtra special Earth Week Edition: It’s Hot in Here.

This week we get real drrrty with “clean coal.” From the scene (i.e., mostly the bar) of last week’s Proposed Bay City Coal Plant hearing, we take you on a carbon filled journey through time and space. Interviews recorded from the hearing as well as live interviews with some State of Michigan Sierra Club folks, and an activist from coal extraction state West Virginia.

Joining us in the studio again is class act[ivist] Andrew Munn.

News coverage of the hearing.

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Union brothers and sisters (co-hosts are part of the GEO and LEO unions)… rest assured we are in favor of jobs, but we want them to be stable, long-term, sustainable jobs… like these skilled trades millwrights, carpenters, electricians, quality assurance managers, plant managers, customer care, and engineers jobs coming to Michigan at a wind turbine factory.

Also, check out the state sponsored conference on May 11th Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow.

By the end of the show we decided to stop using the word clean in front of coal, even in quotes, as campaign suggests.

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