Soundtrack for the Hiring Season

The treeplanting company I’ve lately been working for seems to have folded. Who knows, maybe that is the final nail in the coffin of my treeplanting career, which has been drifting off to sleep asymptotically for years now.

Regardless of my own summer destiny, I’ve been fielding the occasional email from rookies and vets who are bound for the block this summer, and are looking for references and advice during this, the hiring season. I don’t know how much advice I have, but I can at least offer “Gorilla Warfare“, LazzaGun Soundsystem’s latest treeplanting themed musical concoction, which arrived today in the email. Be warned, the language is as salty as the planting day is long.

Gorilla Warfare(MP3)  by  Lars Zergun

You may remember Lars from such bygone hits as 2007 Pounder Mix and Welcome 2 Treeplanting 2012.

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