El Contrato: Mexican Migrant Labour in Southern Ontario

I’m too busy to watch this NFB doc­u­men­tary about Mexican migrant labourers in southern Ontario, but Jane’s watching it and it looks sooper interesting:

I used to work the friday night shift at the local office supply store in Collingwood, and for a certain stretch in the summer that’s when the Jamaican orchard pickers would roll into town, looking to buy stuff to take home with them. Cross-​​cultural per­plexity inevitably ensued, good times to be sure. There were also local orchards that employed Mexicans under a similar arrange­ment, but for some reason they never showed up in towne. More recently, Vantreight farms employed a parallel Mexican migrant crew during daffodil picking season, but they never mingled them with us local pickers.

The par­tic­ular legal exemp­tions that allow migrant agri­cul­tural work­forces in Canada have always seemed murky and more than a little suspect. CBC Victoria once did a decent radio program on the Mexican workers at Vantreight, and the managers there had some rea­son­ably reas­suring things to say. I’m really looking forward to watching this doc, eventually.

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I have to say, I miss taking the bus with the mexicans.

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