Deploy Deploy Deploy

I’ve just switched hugh​stimson​.org over to a brand spankin new design. There’s still some loose ends and missing parts, which should get tied up and filled in over the next days and weeks. Web design nerd-​​rant to follow. Please to report any major bugs.


That is by far and away the most rad 404 message I’ve ever gotten. Nice.

Thanks, that was the last thing I did before deploying. Not sur­prising that you ran into it so fast though, got a few things to fix up here still.

i love the font size it makes it so easy to read and gives it that magazine quality spacing that really pulls my eye in. gonna run around and see how it nav­i­gates some more.

I would love to be able to comment on some of your photos. When you view the large format of the photo it takes you off site with no nav­i­ga­tion, just opens the image as http…
also it takes a really long time for it to submit comments.
but i am still loving it up, this new you.

Yeah, I am planning on adding com­menting to the photos, that’s a good point.

And I would like to have a function to select a default viewing size for the photos which would persist across pages, for those with larger screens (such as yourself you lucky thing). I’ll probably keep a raw jpg link to facil­i­tate down­loading. All of those things will need to wait until I imple­ment the Gallery3 script, for now I’m still on Gallery2 and I don’t want to invest any more devel­op­ment in it.

Thanks for your ideas and props.

let me know when i start to get annoying but the search box doesn’t respond to typing in your term and hitting enter you have to mouse around it, or click off and then click in it to get it to search.
right back to working i go.

Oh so? that’s funny. On my home machine I can search by clicking in the box, typing a search term, and pressing enter.

Before you get back to work: what browser/​OS are you using? Mac I’m guessing, con Firefox or Safari?

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