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How to Stay Cool When You’re So Hot

Audio Part 2[audio:]

Listen in to welcome IHIH’s newest co-hostess Sarah – and stay for summer tunes and sustainable strategies to stay cool when you’re so (darn) hot.

The line up…

first to our nation’s capital….

Brian Lipinski, our Washington Wardrobe, or, DC Downer, tells us how to make a last ditch effort to control U.S. carbon emissions this Congress (and to consider wearing less clothes).

Aviva Glaser, our Sunshine Superwoman,  fills us in on the proven and potential dangers of carcinogens and nano particles in conventional sunscreens (aka try relaxing in the shade).

then onto New Orleans with Louie Armstrong and…

Adam Carver, of the Ross

then back to the studio for…

A tale from the Small Infinity Project with Rachel Chadderdon (drink iced coffee!!)

and finially our newest segment…

Sustainable Choices with Sarah Kempke (make your own ice pops).

Until next week, stay cool Ann Arbor (and the world).

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