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Ten-Ten-Ten and more reasons to celebrate it!


10/10/10 is just under a week away, and if the fact that the day, month, and year are all the same number isn’t enough reason for you to get out of the house, Bill McKibben’s International Day of Action is coming to a town near you.  Almost 6,000 grassroots events to take action against climate change – in 183 countries! – have been registered.

We’re joined in the studio by Monica Patel of the Ecology Center, who is organizing the Ann Arbor 350 event – a rally to build and register 350 raised bed front yard gardens (‘visible edibles’ she calls them).

Kristen Cuhran of Bike Ypsi calls in to tell us about the Fall Ride, also happening this sunday 10/10/10, and her organization that is working to make cycling for fun and transportation just a bit safer on Washtenaw County’s roads.  (like their facebook page to get updates on future events)

Plus great tunes, hairy lobsters, and a cameo by engineer and resident farmer, Shannon Brines.

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