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Well first at the start of the show we tried (epic fail) to talk to Scott Brines about the proposed new bridge / international crossing that would have landings in the Delray community of Detroit and Windsor. Scott is a Delray resident and a board member for the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition. Due to technical difficulties with the studio setup this phone interview had to be delayed until the end of the show so you can find it at the last few minutes of the Part 1 and first minutes of Part 2. When reached Scott was able to clarify that this new bridge would be built as a public/private partnership and that the community of Delray is not necessarily opposed to this development, especially if certain “green” design elements are taken into consideration. The community has often felt forgotten, having some of the worst air quality in Detroit and state (if not country), and in some ways sees the proposed bridge development as an opportunity to start having things done the right way as long as their voices and concerns are heeded. This community will actually be presenting in front of the state legislature this Wednesday 6/15. If you would like to show your support at that event or any other related event you can call (313) 842-1961 or find details here and here.

The bulk of the hour we spoke in the studio with Jeff McCabe covering everything from SELMA Cafe, 10% Washtenaw, the emerging Farmer Fund in partnership with University Bank, the upcoming effort to build 20 Hoop(houses) in 20 Days (sign up to help here!), Tilian Farm Development Center, and visions for the future. Come out and help build a hoophouse in the coming weeks!

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