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Poverty and Sustainability: Lessons from (and in) Detroit

Listen Here (Fast forward through the first minute until you get to start of the show!)

Delray is one of Detroit’s most impoverished neighborhoods. It is a long-time victim to city planning efforts, sits in the most polluted zip code in the state of Michigan, and is the future home of the bridge plaza for the proposed International Trade Crossing to Canada – that is all to say, it is a HOT-BED for environmental injustice. Listen in Monday, December 5th, as Urban Planning Professor Larissa Larsen joins us in the studio to discuss the muddy terrain of urban sustainability in Delray. We will also have recent UM grad Chris Detjen in the studio to share his experiences living in Detroit and working on sustainability issues. The whole radio hour is  punctuated by some catchy Detroit tunes. Do tune in!

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