A Badly Recorded Presidential Dinner with John Hodgman

Here is a video of John Hodgman’s remarks following the presidents own speech to the Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner last night:

You will note that there is a significant cross-circuit hum, and that the audio is de-synced from the video. And yet, I have to admit that they didn’t screw up the recording of Hodgman as much as I did.

John Hodgman and Crystal Skull

Let’s all just accept that John Hodgman is currently guest-blogging at BoingBoing. Hey, these things happen.

But I’m unable to overlook the fact that, in the portrait of JHK accompanying his first post, he’s posing with crystal skull vodka.

Hobo Matters

“There had been hoboes in the United States since there had been trains and liquor, which is to say: always. But by 1930, an estimated two million broken souls had taken to the wandering life, hopping boxcars, picking up work where they could find it, and drinking, drinking, drinking. When prohibition reigned, the hoboes kew of secret stills and hidden lakes of moonshine. It made them strong and willful, and it made them blind and disfigured, and it spurred them to sing strange guttural songs in croaking voices that haunted the American night.”

From Areas of My Expertise, John Kellogg Hodgman.