I'm an environmental GIS consultant in Vancouver, Canada. I often collaborate with Geomemes Research and McAllister Opinion Research, and I'm interested in working with your gung-ho conservation organization.

I grew up in a former shipyard town on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, in the crook of the Niagara Peninsula. Most of my family still live in there.


I have previously worked at the University of California at Davis and the Smithsonian Institution, where we used sensors on satellites and planes to investigate the environmental status of landscapes. In my other life in the service of the logging industry, I have planted more than a million trees in the majestic clearcuts of the Canadian interior.


I have an MSc. from the Environmental Informatics program at the University of Michigan, where my Masters research was on the self-organization of vegetation in the American drylands.

I also have a BSc. in Ecology from the University of Guelph. I miss ecology whenever I'm not doing it.


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