Status of the Mountain Pine Beats

OK, so I haven’t been posting the radio episodes. I have been broadcasting! But CIDO is a home-grown affair, and arranging the recording and distribution of the show has turned out to be trickier than I had thought.

Eventually all the episodes may yet be podcast. Except today’s, which isn’t happening because of an inconveniently locked door. If I was a real rock and roll dj I would smash a window. I’ll think about it.

update: thanks to Emory (?), CIDO’s senior youth computer tech, I’ve got podcasts up now.

Rocky Blocks of Iron Creek (Music From)


Some bad musical puns inspired by the land we’ve been working, a set of tunes from the parties we’ve been holding, and some other stuff. Mostly upbeat. Go figure.

  • MountainPineBeats12June2008.mp3

Crummies and Eulogies


More music from the clearcuts, and a goodbye to Utah Phillips

  • MountainPineBeats5june2008.mp3

Mountain Pine Beats: Music from the Clearcuts


CIDO steamrolled my show application through an emergency meeting of the programming committee. Their words. So Mountain Pine Beats went on the air. Yes, it’s music from the clearcuts, produced during the treeplanting season. If anyone else has done a (loosely) treeplanting-themed radio show, I’m not aware of it, and if anyone has done it while actually on a treeplanting contract, I’m especially not aware of it. What it lacks in soul it makes up for in novelty.

The first 20 minutes or so were a complete technical disaster. But hey. The last part was mostly audible. I’ve cut out the meltdown at the start, so the podcast starts midshow. I’ve left in a few of the later glitches for authenticity. Minor variations in the colour of your garment are natural and add to it’s character. Do not use your Mountain Pine Beats to break rocks or pry roots. Do not overuse your Mountain Pine Beats. Your Mountain Pine Beats is a specialized tool and if treated with care will function well for you.

  • MountainPineMayBeats29May2008.mp3

Dj. Who Goes Treeplanting


This week I finally figure out what my dj name is, and dedicate the show mostly to treeplanting, which I will now leave to go do. So this is the last show of the term. I’ll be back in town later in summer, and I’m already looking forward to doing random time slots then.

Our music server has been acting up lately, and towards the end the left audio channel drops out. Sorry about that.

All of the explicitly planting-related songs can be had for free at the Peppermill Records website.

  • hugonaut24apr2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:18 PM Dr. Who Theme BBC
1:19 PM Push it Out The Beta Band The 3 EPs
1:23 PM Lost John Woody Guthrie Struggle
1:27 PM Rock n’ Roll Records J.J. Cale Okie
1:37 PM SPAR Flobots
1:39 PM Theme From Dr. Who Ron Granier Coldcut – Journeys by DJ
1:40 PM The Old Prince Still Lives at Home Shad The Old Prince
1:43 PM 2007 Pound Mix Lazzagun Soundsystems (MC I-Ras & DJ Roots) Hi and Ho (We Plant Trees) Peppermill Records
1:48 PM The Crummy Mike Ford Hi and Ho (We Plant Trees) Peppermill Records
1:58 PM 1981-1983 (extract) Henry Rollins Get in the Van: On the Road with Black Flag
2:02 PM Eleven O’Clock Morphine Morphine
2:07 PM Nude (Holy Fuck Mix) Holy Fuck (Radiohead)
2:16 PM Dr. Who Orbital
2:19 PM Finch’s Complaint Stan Rogers
2:25 PM I’m Blue (Gong Gong Song) The Ikettes One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found disc 3
2:26 PM Really Rappin Somethin Kleptones From Detroit to J.A.
2:33 PM Papalon Squarepusher
2:38 PM The Highway Callin’ Fred Eaglesmith Fred J. Eaglesmith
2:46 PM Love Song to Little Trees Bill Crosson Hi and Ho (We Plant Trees) Peppermill Records
2:47 PM Bolero Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire Maurice Ravel

No. 1 On the European Poetry Charts


This week was mostly long material left over from last week, which was a blessing because I had even leass time to prep this week.

Does anybody else think that Squarepusher East Flatbush Project remix is really remarkable?

One thing I regret: playing Rock n’ Roll with Me. It was a good goodbye to the temporary studio. But it would have made an even better goodbye, played out of the freshly unboxed vinyl collection, to the semester. Which will happen next week.

I’m sure I’ll find something to else play.

  • hugonaut17apr2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:31 PM It Ain’t Easy David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
1:32 PM Pneumonia Coldcut Mic Fog Zen Remix Retrospective
1:41 PM Colouers M83 saturdays = youth
1:45 PM Alpha and Omega Boards Of Canada Geogaddi
1:53 PM Hang Up Your Hangups Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P.
2:07 PM Radio Free Vestibule Froo Froo the Talking Cat
2:13 PM Live at Fillmore West King Curtis Memphis Soul Stew
2:20 PM Up! M83 Sunday = Youth
2:25 PM 1976 RJD2 Since We Last Spoke
2:32 PM Rocket’s Tail Kate Bush The Sensual World
2:36 PM tried by 12 squarepusher mix East Flatbrush Project Zen Remix Retrospective
2:39 PM Rock n’ Roll With Me David Bowie Diamond Dogs
2:44 PM You Don’t Love Me The Allman Brothers Band Live at the Fillmore East

Longer Works of Fiction


With end of term comes panic, sleep deprivation and anxiety, and this term is no exception. I’ll be taking advantage of my limited prep time to play some longer musical selections today.

On the menu is a Vaughn Williams piece which may be cheesy by classical standards but has long been favourite of mine. Also a complete run through Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase, by Janelle Monae. I can’t believe I’ve only once before played all of The Chase, and I think that was just during a substitute slot. And an Allman Brothers guitar vehicle that kept me on my porch with my ipod for 2 extra cigarettes. In February.

post-show analysis: I didn’t get to the either the Williams or the Allman Brothers. One of these days.

A subtheme on ice cream. Inspired by: Satan’s Ice Cream Truck

I’m committed to playing whoever the current leader is in the officially sanctioned Radiohead Remix Project. Which currently is this:

I tried to play the Radiohead remix, but the player wouldn’t load. One of these days.

I’ll be using this video as setbreak music:

It’s decent music I suppose, but the video is the hot business. By all means, set it to full screen.

Apparently that video comes from Kanye West’s Vimeo account. This seems like a good time to pause and reflect on the video for You Can’t Tell Me Nothing Zach Galifiniakis shot on his farm. I know it got a lot of play when it was at least half fresh (including right here), but it was one of the best mass media products of 2007, and worth a revisit. Well, sort of mass media. Mass media in the new sense of media. Unfortunately, since 2007 Kanye’s site has deteriorated into a partial flash blob, so I can’t link to the video. But go here and look for Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Alternate Version. And set your browser to allow pop ups. Oh fuck it, just try and remember it in your mind. Oh yeah.

OK, I just watched it again and it’s still magic.

  • hugonaut10apr2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:02 PM Dirty Ice Cream Dan Melchior Fire Breathing Clones on Cellular Phones
1:03 PM Till the Morning Comes Neil Young After the Goldrush
1:05 PM Freckle Wars Ecstatic Sunshine
1:06 PM The Old Matchbook Trick Lambchop Is A Woman
1:12 PM Ian Dury Sex & Drugs & Rock n’ Roll
1:21 PM Jungle Strut Santana Live at the Fillmore West 1971
1:23 PM Sleep is the Enemy Danko Jones Sleep is the Enemy
1:24 PM Safety in Speed (Heavy Metal) P.O.S.
1:34 PM I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead Bon Jovi
1:38 PM Roll Over Beethoven Mountain Fillmore East NYC (Bootleg)
1:44 PM Winning Santana
1:50 PM From A Few Streets Over Ron Sexsmith Ron Sexsmith
1:52 PM Ice Cream Man Jonathan Richman The Best Of
1:57 PM Beastie Ketchup Go Home Productions
2:03 PM March of the Wolfmasters Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
2:04 PM Violet Stars Happy Hunting! Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
2:07 PM Many Moons Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
2:07 PM Cybertronic Purgatory Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
2:14 PM Sincerely Jane Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
2:23 PM Up With People Lambchop Nixon
2:32 PM Food Stamp Blues Treme Brass Band Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary
2:40 PM We Gotta Get You A Women Todd Rundgren Runt
2:43 PM Singalong Junk Paul McCartney
2:44 PM Casella Walk Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Dap Dippin
2:52 PM Bang On The Breeders Mountain Battles
2:54 PM Fur Immer Neu! Neu! 2

A Station Wagon and $100


A special mix tape presentation this week. I’ve been promising a mix to a friend for many months, but have failed to deliver. In part because said friend has been bouncing around in a foreign country. But still apparently catches the podcast occasionally. So here it is.

This answers the question “why do you like country?”. Over an hour of sweet rural tunes. So ease out the throttle, drop another quarter mile of furrow into the fertile earth, and turn up the speakers you duct taped to the tractor cab. Afterwards, a non-country chaser.

This week’s technical issues were intially cd-related, and then deviated into weird left/right channel drops. Word is we’ll be back into the real station in a couple weeks, so we can get back to the old familiar screw ups.

  • hugonaut3apr2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:14 PM I Got Drunk Uncle Tupelo
1:18 PM I 75 Fred Eaglesmith Dusty
1:22 PM We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning Gram Parsons GP / Grevious Angel
1:24 PM If You Want to Get to Heaven Ozark Mountain Daredevils
1:33 PM Are The Good Time Really Over Merle Haggard
1:35 PM Becoming a Poet The Breakmen The Breakmen
1:39 PM Lonesome Road Blues Merle Travis 50 Years of Bluegrass Hits
1:41 PM Benchseat Baby Fred Eaglesmith Ralph’s Last Show
1:43 PM Don’t Fence Me In Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers
1:46 PM Clyde J.J. Cale Naturally
1:51 PM Screen Door Uncle Tupelo
1:56 PM Blue Mountain Hop Bela Fleck The Bluegrass Sessions
1:57 PM Lazy Days The Flying Burrito Brothers Live at the Fillmore East 1970
2:00 PM Freight Train (Fred Eaglesmith) Kasey Chambers The Captain
2:03 PM Let’s Go Burn Ole’ Nashville Down Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra Prairie Home Invasion
2:09 PM Portland Oregon Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose
2:11 PM Rainy Day Blues Fred Eaglesmith Fred J. Eaglesmith
2:13 PM Misery and Gin Merle Haggard Live at Billy Bob’s Texas
2:16 PM Stay Here and Drink (Merle Haggard) The Mountain Goats live
2:20 PM Fruits of My Labor Lucinda Williams World Without Tears
2:27 PM Let Me Do It To You J.J. Cale
2:28 PM Hey Little Girl Professor Longhair
2:35 PM Air Travel Ray & Bob The Golden Age of American Rock n’ Roll
2:37 PM Balade a Toronto Jean Leloup Joue de la Guitare
2:39 PM Silver Sparkle Amps Mixel Pixel Rainbow Panda
2:46 PM RJD2 1976 Since We Last Spoke
2:48 PM Azimuth Marcos Valle Mustang Cor De Sangue
2:51 PM crc7173 affectionately John Vanderslice Pixel Revolt
2:55 PM I Hate Music The K-Tels Vancouver Complication
2:57 PM I’m in the Clique Todd Rundgren Runt

Radio With Typing and Shouting


We’ve been having a debate on the internal wcbn mailing list about the artistic merits of playing unedited selections from movie audio tracks. Hence the Waking Life clip. I was going to do more, but didn’t have enough time to scrub around in the video trying to find appropriate scenes. Also, I was pretty satisfied with the one that got played, and how it tied into the following track, and quitting while ahead seemed reasonable.

That clip spawned a call identifying the video ranter as being someone called Alex Jones. Here’s a youtube version of Alex Jones in Waking Life:

(And if that isn’t enough Richard Linklater-animated amplified Alex Jones for your, here’s a clip from A Scanner Darkly)

Another exciting call was a producer from the CBC’s A Current Affair. I assumed at first she was calling about my weekly repurposing of the How To Think About Science clips. I recognize that the CBC is not likely to take notice of my choice of material, but what else would it be calling about? It was not about that.

Other than that, it was a bunch of music. A lot of which I really enjoyed. Where was Lee Dorsey all my life?

  • hugonaut27mar2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:07 PM Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Sue Foley Back to the Blues
1:10 PM Down at the Khyber Joel Plaskett Down at the Khyber
1:14 PM The Breakmen No More Cane The Breakmen
1:21 PM Walking to Do Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Shake the Sheets
1:26 PM Waking Life extract from Alex Jones Richard Linklater Director
1:27 PM Timba Am Gaya The Mutants Locos Instrumentales
1:30 PM Brandon Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart
1:35 PM Run DNA The Avalanches El Producto
1:38 PM The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
1:43 PM Are You Awake? Kevin Shields Lost in Translation
1:44 PM Autumn Sweater Yo La Tengo vs. Kevin Shields
1:50 PM Huddle Flash Go! Team vs. Kevin Shields
1:53 PM Staring at the Sun TV on the Radio Young Liars
1:55 PM Too Many Birds Ponies in the Surf
1:58 PM Truck Driving Man Gram Parsons
2:04 PM Train of Thought Mother Mother Touch Up
2:06 PM Dim Dim the Lights Bill Haley and the Comets The Decca Years
2:07 PM Pass the Hatchet Roger and the Gypsies Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk and Soul
2:12 PM The Hanging of Doc Frail Gustavo Santaolalla Deadwood Soundtrack
2:12 PM Interviewed on CBC Idea’s Wendell Berry How to Think About Science series
2:15 PM Beyond Belief Lambchop The Decline of Country and Western Civilization
2:23 PM Jesus Will Fix it For You Sonny Treadway Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary
2:26 PM Just a Closer Walk with Thee Aubrey Grant
2:36 PM A Tune for Jack Lemon Jelly ky
2:40 PM Laugh and Walk Away The Shirts
2:43 PM Riders of Love Go Home Productions The Complete Bootlegs
2:44 PM Hog of the Forsaken Michael Hurley
2:49 PM The Kleptones Know How Frogs Function Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be
2:55 PM Cymbalicker Kleptones Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be
2:58 PM They Tear Down Houses Don’t They? Shout Out Out Out Not Saying/Just Saying

Radio That No Longer Claims to Be a Psuedo-Religion


It’s the new, ultra-condensed version! From now on noon till 1pm will be dedicated to It’s Hot in Here, but don’t worry. I’ll still be doing two hours of music radio, and it will always be secretly close to my inner heart.

This week’s show featured a nostalgia-laden tribute to my former theme song, and some Reasonably Good spoken-word/music layering.

The discussion of the place of science in post-modernity society comes courtesy of CBC Idea’s series on How to Think About Science. In particular the episode with Ulrich Beck.

The poem was Allen Ginsberg’s A Supermarket in California.

  • hugonaut20mar2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:10 PM Long Time Running The Tragically Hip Road Apples
1:21 PM Twisted Little Man Michael J. Sheehy Deadwood Soundtrack
1:21 PM Bone Bomb Brian Eno Another Day
1:24 PM Trance Manual John Vanderslice Pixel Revolt
1:32 PM Respiration Ben Allison Buzz
1:32 PM Houston R.E.M. Accelerate
1:35 PM A Supermarket in California Allen Ginsberg
1:37 PM Ever Since Dirty Three Cinder
1:39 PM Late Night Shopping David Sylvian Blemish
1:42 PM Let Me Do It To You J.J. Cale Troubadour
1:50 PM Neu! Crazy Neu! 4
1:52 PM I Guess I’m Crazy Charlie Feathers Uh Huh Honey
1:53 PM Jolie Holland Crazy Dreams Springtime Can Kill You
1:56 PM 0340 Crazy Tonight = Strong Teeth Kleptones 24 Hours
2:03 PM I’m Feeling It Steve Martin A Wild and Crazy Guy
2:13 PM Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) The Kooks Live Lounge
2:15 PM Nel Cimitero Di Tucson Gianfranco Reverberi Preparti la bara!
2:15 PM Come On Baby Neil Young Live at Fillmore East
2:19 PM You Must Be Crazy Pointed Sticks Part of the Noise
2:20 PM Only Crazy People Bob Snider Words and Pictures
2:28 PM Fort Hood Mike Doughty Golden Delicious
2:36 PM The Reef Surfdusters
2:39 PM We Hate the Pigs Cause the Pigs Hate Us Kiwi
2:41 PM Coming Up Paul McCartney McCartney II
2:43 PM Malesch Agitation Free Malesch
2:51 PM How to Think About Science series from Quirks and Quarks Ulrich Beck interviewed by David Cayley (?) Candian Broadcasting Corporation
2:52 PM Ex Guru David Byrne Thrill Jockey 7″
2:58 PM Saturday Night K-Os Atlantis: Hymns for the Disco

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