Geocology Research

Apr 2012 - ongoing ·
  • ecology,
  • modeling,
  • remote sensing,
  • cartography,

An environmental geography consultancy working with enviro and community orgs in Vancouver and the coastal region.

Data and Analysis Planning for Seabird Bycatch Program

Mar 2010 - complete ·
  • ecology,
  • modeling,

Developing data management and an analysis framework for a Canadian Wildlife Service study of seabird bycatch in the salmon gillnet fishery.

Moran’s I in Netlogo

Dec 2007 - complete ·
  • modeling,

Demonstrating use of a spatial clustering statistic in the agent-based modeling environment.

Town-based Accent Formation Model

Dec 2007 - v1.1 ·
  • modeling,
  • complex systems,

Trying to recreate accent formation and spatial shifting patterns using some basic mechanisms and emergence.

Schelling Generations

Apr 2007 - v1.0 ·
  • modeling,

What if the classic Schelling segregation model included children born of the “reds” and the “blues”?