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The first show in my new time went pretty well. I was expecting it to be rocky, that early in the morning, but soon enough the vibe found me and it was a good time. Some quick thinking the night before took me out to the bar instead of sleeping in: you don’t do good early morning college radio on a clear head all well rested.

Not that it was all smooth. The first 30 minutes or so featured some classic screwup action. But that cleared up and I think I am now once and forever after past any chance of ever screwing up anything else on the radio ever again. The audio highlight was playing Sweet Flavour on a tracker live on air. Also good was playing a Royskopp remix of a Beck track, which I had only ever heard for a few seconds while queuing it up, thinking “hell this is great, I bet people are liking this” when it went on and then getting a call from a guy who thought it was great and was wondering what it was.

I still haven’t picked a name, but I’m considering “Hangover Cure” now. I do seem to be acquiring signature tracks: Yo Yo Ma doing Morricone’s Ecstacy of Gold for set breaks, Steve Martin’s drop-thumb medley for no reason that I can think of, and if I go with Hangover Cure, That’s The Bag I’m In can be my theme music.

Apologies for not getting the audio posted up until the end of the week, and my ego thanks those who complained about it. And apologizes to those who aren’t going to find their requests in there. The internet was broken last weekend so I couldn’t download and pre-screen certain FCC-questionable acts. And thanks again to those who listened, called, visited and texted. And finally, thanks to Kristin and Dan for unexpectedly being in the dimly lit studio at 6 in the goddamn morning, with noise makers, nuts, nut cluster treats, the turntables set on the wrong rpm and a gleam of desperate horrible fun in their baggy eyes.

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