No Cat Stevens Were Harmed in the Making of this Radio

Yeah I know some people love the guy but seriously, I mean come on. Moonshadow?

Playlist here. Audio for hours

Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):

and .

CJSW website, and here’s the high-quality mp3 version of their web stream.


  • Ross is now officially the early morning man 3-6am. I’ll miss seeing Kristin and Dan down there breaking in new DJs at that horrible hour, but it’s cool to have an honest to god line-up in place, and it looks like he’s doing a nice job.
  • Request for Space Cowboy from Steve Miller. That was great. I don’t play a lot vinyl cause I still don’t have a feel for what’s down there (it isn’t everything, but it’s more music than I’ve ever heard ever), but it sure is satisfying to throw some on. I appreciate having a reason to do so. And that track has spirit.
  • Getting Dan Melchior’s “All You Experts” on. They’ve got a nice set of speakers down in the studio, that you can turn up pretty loud and they still sound real nice. And somehow it gives songs an extra edge when you know they’re going out over the transmitter. If you can find time to listen to the music, it can be a good situation for really hearing a song, and I hadn’t really heard that one in a while. It’s a good song, man.
  • I can’t remember which transition (maybe Flaming Lips > Tom Waits?), but one of the tracks ended with an upswell that was meant to break smoothly into the next track on the album, and I managed to make the switch juuust right so that it worked anyway, even though the next song was a completely different genre. I felt like a very smart DJ until I slaughtered the Hella tracks.

Next week’s special feature: less talking, more music.

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