So Good It’s Bad, So Bad It’s Good

Started off strong, drifted into randomness and powered in to a big half hour finale of uptempo beats and poignant dead air. Right on. A lot of phone action (and I’ve even got some requests on the hook for next week). I only wish the speakers went even louder. We need an ’11’ setting, truly.


Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):


Steve Miller > Ella Fitzgerald > Avalanches > Mills Brothers > Lucinda Williams > Bo Diddley > Cherry Poppin Daddies. Yes. I was a little unsure about the Lucinda Williams, but then I got a call from someone who really wanted to know where to get the track. Yes.

And yeah, lots of dead air and unplanned overdubs in towards the end but all genius is flawed.

I think I’m serious about getting Crazy by Neu! on as the theme track for the show. I heard it for the first time last week and I’ve barely been able to stop listening to it.

  • wcbn-2007-11-05-060001-EST.mp3
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  • wcbn-2007-11-05-080001-EST.mp3

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Good show this week. Thanks for playing my requests, I hope you liked Cherry Poppin Daddies. That Tom Waits song was brilliant. And of course, Mana Mana. Good stuff. Have a great week.

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