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This was supposed to be a lazy show full of very long songs to accommodate my lack of time to prepare. It mostly was. But some fast short stuff somehow got worked in there too. Gorilla Stomp from Tijuana Bibles got played for the first time, and sounded pretty fine on my end. Likewise Shout Out Out Out with Chicken Soup for the Fuck You, but I think I’ve played that before.

The Daniel Kitson/Explosions in the Sky combo hung together pretty well I thought, with the exception of the remarkably jarring effect of the cd skipping. Damn it’s cdy little soul. But there was Tom Waits to settle it all out. Sort of. You know, when the devil gets wedged in, you have to blast him out with a hydraulic system. True words Tom, true words.

Here’s the playlist.

And here’s the audio.


Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):


Next week may or may not be my last show in the monday morning slot. I have a hunch I’ll still be kicking off the weeks come next semester, and that would still be okay by this dj. In any case, next week will be my last show for a couple of weeks. Some other kind dj will be covering for me while I wander around the world for a while. Or there will just be horrible dead air and the angry sound of the FCC’s too-loud heartbeat. Won’t somebody cover my shows?

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  • wcbn-2007-12-10-080001-EST.mp3

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