dj Local on WCBN

Shannon Brines, aka dj Local guested on my radio slot on Monday. He’s got a post up about the experience including a couple of photos. WCBN is so photogenic.

conflict of interest disclosure: dj Local is my lab manager and occasionally sells me organic greens from his hoop house.

Here’s the audio:

Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):


Shannon started around 3:30

And here’s what he/we played.

  • wcbn-2008-01-07-150001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-01-07-160001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-01-07-170001-EST.mp3


um..just so you know…that DJ BC song you played had mixed in a cover of a christina Aguliera song…That’s right, she’s money.

And if by money you mean novelty, you’re dead right.

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