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If this is thursday afternoon then sign me up. I’m still getting used to being awake during my shows, and it’s starting to really work for me. The radio listening public seems to be every bit as awake as I am, and I spent more time making banter on the blower with callers-in than yakking on the mic. Some great requests. And some folks just called up to say they liked it. Thanks. So did I.

Things started out well for me, and then somewhere around Danko Jones just got really good. The fact that tubular bells went over well (I had a dj email to say he had stopped doing what he was doing just to listen, and another burst into the booth with thumbs up) put a final coat of gloss on the whole experience. Maybe sitting in a room pressing play on songs doesn’t warrant this much satisfaction, but I get it anyway.

In retrospect, maybe it was destined to go well from the moment I got free hot chocolate on the diag on the way to the station.


Who knew Bob Seeger was from Ann Arbor? At least three people called up and started with “you’re a young guy so I guess you don’t know this but…” on that and other subjects. Hell yes, I am a young guy. I should play some Utah Phillips next week. The best call (blasting the 8-track from the van with the carpeting all the way up to the ceiling) was of course in response to Quadda Gadda De Vida. Now that I’ve heard it, I’m amazed nobody has thought to play 4 copies of Inna Gadda De Vida at the same time before.

Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):

Part four (download):

Still haven’t figured out the best way to do the podcast. Maybe next week.

update: here’s Rev. Andrew’s on it’s own:

The Reverend also provides this report of the event:

The idea started when I was organizing my records and discovered that I had 2 LPs as well as the CD version.
I had to do something creative or face up to being the kind of geek who would have four copies of the same obscure psychedelic rock album.

The Dwyer’s had introduced me to the idea of playing two of the same record at once with their “two way larry” feature (saturdays at 6:00, optional Lawrence Welk video on public television) so I was thinking of playing multiple copies. As soon as I thought of the “Quadda Gadda Da Vida” name I knew I had to be four copies at once.
I could have bought a third LP copy at Encore for $6 but that seemed silly what with already having two LP copies so I went with my old cassette copy (ca 1978), a CD copy and the two LPs. Besides I had just bought the David Van Tiegham cover….

I began with the tape cued, the CD cued and the two LPs cued.
Turntable one received an additional turn backwards and turntable two got two additional turns backwards.
I started the cassette like normal, counted to thirty and started the CD and the turntables.
I had intended to have the CD and turntable levels down but you can hear one of the other copies in the beginning before I faded it down.
After about 5 minutes I faded the CD into the mix, after another 4 minutes or so you can hear turntable one come is (with prominent record noise) then in another 4 minutes the second turntable comes in.

Setting the levels was problematic, the meters only give you the totals so it was hard to know which device to turn up or down.
I should have set the levels beforehand and noted the settings so I could have all the copies playing the same level.

So it wasn’t perfect but I suppose that wasn’t really the goal.
It was fun and I sincerely hope I befuddled a sports fan or two.

Reverend Andrew
First Church of the Atlantic (de-hydrated)
Eternal Pope of the Western Lands

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  • wcbn-2008-01-24-120001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-01-24-130001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-01-24-140001-EST.mp3

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