Radio That Wants to Be President Even Though It’s Catholic



Today was great. At first, I was sitting there wondering why I’ve been having a harder time making visceral contact with the music since we moved to the temporary studio (feeling it bodily as Dean Bavington would say). I had a sudden intuition. I rose, and approaching the main overhead light switch for the studio, I turned them off. After the vibe was good.

Here’s where to get the amazing alternate version of Joni Mitchell’s “The Hissing of Summer Lawns”. Note there’s some hints to some other incredible musical oddities sprinkled in there too. Hopefully I’ll be playing more of those in weeks to come.

Here’s Bert demonstrating a far-out super hep drum solo:

Oh groove with him baby.

Here’s an alternate version:

Here’s the video for D.V.N.O.’s “Justice”, featuring exciting computer-generated animations:

Here’s the video for Lykke Li’s “I’m Good, I’m Gone”. A commenter at Fluxblog claims that “The live/acoustic video for this song is like a who’s who in Swedish indie pop”, if you ever wondered what that would look like. But I’m not sure you can really call it acoustic, since she sings through a megaphone and all.

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